10 Best Jobs that are booming this year

What were the most demanded jobs in 2020 that are booming? Read on to find out…

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to shut down and numerous employees to get laid off. It has been very difficult to find a proper job in preferred industries or sectors. Unemployment is at an all-time high, with the economy nearing slowdown. However, amidst all this, some sectors are booming and there are certain jobs that are highly in demand this year. If you are a worker who lost his job amidst the coronavirus outbreak, you might want to tailor your search and go for the jobs that are expanding. Sectors like IT, education, health, online retail, and e-commerce industries are some of the many such jobs. It’s better to see the ax now rather than later because your chances of landing a new job in these sectors are highest right now. Here’s a list of which are the 10 best jobs that are booming this year.

1. Registered nurses and respiratory therapists

The most demanded jobs are now in the health industry. A fast-growing job due to COVID-19 registered nurses, and respiratory therapists are in high demand. Hospitals, Isolation centers, and staff for facilitating and looking after home quarantine facilities are the fields where they are most needed, apart from the daily casualties and usual office work. With the existing health infrastructure in the country and worldwide, nurses and therapists play a crucial role in addition to doctors, working as front-line warriors. If you are someone well trained in this field, applying for this job is the next best thing to do right now.

2. Online teachers

With schools and colleges shut down and students residing back at their homes, online education is the next best mode of education right now. Various video calling applications such as Google MeetZoom, the newly launched app Jio MeetMicrosoft applications, and other applications such as Google Classroom have become popular with the onset of online education. Delivering lectures over videos instead of physical classes is the new normal. This has become the most important out of the 10 best jobs that are booming this year. If you are a teacher looking for job opportunities and are familiar and used to with such applications, there is a high chance of grabbing a job at this moment. Now that over 30 million children are out of school, it’s boom time for online schools, which are swiftly expanding capacity. Outschool is hiring thousands of teachers to meet demand.

3. Administrative personnel at hospitals and health centers

Another highly demanded job in the health industry is for administrative personnel at the hospitals and the health centers. Many hospitals around the country are staffing up to deal with the COVID-19 crisis — and not every job requires licensing and certification. Customer service and administrative jobs are essential to the mission of healthcare organizations.

4. Software Development Engineer

Due to the development of the Internet, the demand for software developers is increasing rapidly in multiple industries, and the salary is considerably high. Software development engineers should develop the test, modify and debug software applications, monitor program performance, as well as design software solutions based on user needs. In the competitive industry, income is closely related to the individual’s technical ability and experience. Former experience in database integrations and client applications would help a lot. If you want to work as a software development engineer, it is important to study hard and practice a lot.

5. Big-data development engineer

There are many applications for big data across lots of industries and the demand for skilled, big data development engineers are growing. Due to the massive amounts of data, it has become more and more difficult to manipulate and analyze data ultimately extract valuable information from it. No matter the level of technical depth or development, big data development engineer is the hottest position at present, and the demand will continue to increase in the future.

There are several hard skills required: SQL, programming, exploratory analysis skills, and Hadoop/parallel processing. As for the soft skills, you would have a better chance of being hired with the ability to model, optimize, and simulate. Machine learning and data mining have gained much popularity recently. Big data development engineers should be willing to constantly upgrade skills and accumulate practical experience.

6. Shipping and delivery retail drivers

Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers, mostly for fulfillment and delivery, and some UPS hubs are hiring as well, although — fair warning — both companies are facing criticism over employee safety. Because of social distancing norms to be followed in public places and restrictions to moving in various places, there has been a tremendous increase in online shopping as everyone now prefers the safety and comfort of shopping while sitting at home and having contact-less deliveries. Most companies are hiring delivery and shipping drivers to ramp up their supply chains and keep up with the new demand.

7. Food delivery drivers

Online food companies such as ZomatoSwiggy, and FoodPanda have also recorded a surge in sales because of people preferring home deliveries more than dine out or take-aways. In fact, most restaurants are running because of their sales through these online food delivery apps then they barely have any customers visit the food joints. These apps are looking for a higher number of delivery partners to cater to the growing food deliveries.

8. Online grocery and retail

Companies such as GrofersAmazon PantryBig Basket, etc have also gained an upper hand in this situation. In order to avoid the rush of daily markets and also maintain social distancing norms, most people nowadays prefer to buy fruits, vegetables, groceries, and all the necessary items online. Major chains such as KrogerMeijer, and Safeway are hiring in-store shelf stockers and delivery staff; ditto for regional chains such as Raley’s. Grocery delivery services and apps such as Instacart are also hiring.

9. Internet marketing/operation

In the Internet era, the competition is extremely fierce and it is difficult for a product, app, or website to be successful without marketing operations. Internet marketing/operation plays an important role in a company’s go-to-market efforts especially if it relies heavily on digital marketing to drive traffic and revenue. Even though an increasing number of people are entering the field, talented internet marketing/operations managers are in short supply. For those who want to break into the field, you should think more about how to statistics, analysis, and accurate positioning. This is a significant field out of the 10 best jobs that are booming this year. But beyond that, you need hard skills to stand out, like design, editing, and video editing abilities.

10. Online learning app specialists (Zoom, Jio meet, google meet, slack, Microsoft teams)

With apps such as ZoomMicrosoft teamsJio Meet, and Google Meet capturing the online learning market within just a few months, there have been rising concerns over various issues such as privacy of data, higher class duration, technicalities in the functioning of the apps, and the requirement of centralized databases for organizations. Individuals specialized in the field of IT and technical support are highly in demand as the companies need to resolve client and consumer issues as well as retain the newly gained market share.

These are the 10 best jobs that are booming this year. Given the current scenario and the future predictions by various institutions, which will be the jobs that will grow more than the other in 2021? Stay tuned for more updates.

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