10 Must-Have Features of an Applicant Tracking System

As a human resources professional, you must have a recruiting software that is feature-rich and can easily connect with top talent. To engage your perfect candidates and grow your productivity as a recruiter, here are 10 Must-Have Features of an Applicant Tracking System your company should have.

Career Pages

Career pages are where you display open positions on your company’s website. An ATS should allow you to customize it based on your preferences. Candidates land up on these pages after knowing about your job post from other job boards so it’s very important to keep it attractive and display your values and ethics. An ATS should be able to build up such a page for you or if your company already has one ATS should integrate this with an API(Application Programming Interface) for automatic update.

Availability and sorting of applications

Once you have posted your job opening now it’s the job of an ATS to get all the applications from various sites and make them available to you. Automatically ruling out or discarding those applications which do not fit the job profile well. Many ATS have started using AI to screen and shortlist resumes by matching candidates with their existing employees. An ATS should be able to provide everything in one platform to keep things organized.

Storing and searching resumes

When a job is posted online it is accessible to a vast number of people which leads to a ton of applications. An ideal ATS should be able to convert the resumes in a structured format so that it becomes easy to compare and store all the resumes efficiently. Storing of resumes of not only the selected ones but also the ones who are rejected but might be useful for future enrichment of the company’s talent pool.

As the resumes are stored, the recruiter can search for an applicant based on skills, experience, location this will help the recruiter an ideal employee, and also it’s possible that a candidate will be contacted for another position within the same company later on. Hence it is among the 10 Must-Have Features of an Applicant Tracking System.

Interview Scheduler

A great interview scheduler is a must to give regular updates to job seekers regarding their interview schedules. Integration with tools like Gmail, Calendars, video conferencing tools can help the recruiter to achieve the required automation in their scheduling process

Public job connections (sourcing)

The recruitment industry has gone through many evolutions in the past years. Remote online recruiting being the recent change which most of the companies are inclined to these days because of COVID-19. Hence it is among the 10 Must-Have Features of an Applicant Tracking System.

Companies are looking for quick hiring and are looking for candidates through popular job boards as they are very useful and flexible Hence it is necessary that your ATS should have integration with all the popular and public job boards in order to hire top talent and have the right candidates in your hiring pipeline


The HR teams constantly work to improvise their hiring and recruiting strategy, and for that, they need detailed data about the employees they have hired, from which source are they hired- career site, employee referral program or job boards, their prior work experience, and feedback from the interviewer. This will not only help them to strategize but also make informed decisions regarding the time to hire, ROI of hiring, and for all this, your ATS should be able to deliver exportable and structured reports.

Hiring Collectively

An ATS should make inviting key people easy. A no. of opinions can be considered to make the best hiring decision. You can share the candidate’s profile in the system, conduct interviews, give feedback, and add notes for the same. With the feedback mechanism, you can collect feedback from your team to evaluate the candidate and decide on whether the candidate is the right fit for the company or not. Thus, you don’t have to waste time trying to get everyone in the same room so they can come to a decision.

Video conferencing solution

With the help of video conferencing tools, the interviews which were held over the table have now turned into virtual tables. An ATS software should integrate with as many video conferencing applications as it can because the recruiter never knows which application the candidate is comfortable with, and thus having a seamless interview process.

General Data Protection Regulation compliance

Having a GDPR compliance kit oriented ATS helps in gaining customer’s trust. The right ATS can help in achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance for the recruiting of your organization. The kit should consist of the benefits you give to your customers, their rights involved and proper mentioning of the policies your organization deals with.


Yes, you can get allured with the fancy features offered by your ATS but are they really safe is one question you need to ask now. From data encryption, protection, and retention, to disaster recovery, uptime, access, and compliance check whether your recruitment process is in safe hands or not.

To manage your hiring and recruitment process make sure your ATS has these features to streamline your process and focus on selecting the best person to join your company. Hence it is among the 10 Must-Have Features of an Applicant Tracking System.

The more the better…

With all the MUST-have features, here are some of the features offered by AviaHire which will help you ramp up your hiring and recruiting process.

AviaHire’s Unique Features

Features for college recruitment

College graduates are a huge source of fresh talents and with their new thoughts, out of the box thinking, energy, and familiarity with the current trends, every company inclines towards campus placement.

AviaHire’s ATS has a test interface that allows students to appear for the online test and the screening can be done then and there. The recruiter who is working remotely can check who all appeared for the test will get their resumes, cumulative the scores of the test, and move the candidate to the next round.

Sourcing Tools

AviaHire has recently added a chrome extension for AviaHire which automatically searches for right candidates across 50+ sources. The app also covers “passive candidates”– those who don’t post resumes on the job boards via their social media profiles. For example, if the recruiter is visiting someone’s LinkedIn profile and the recruiter liked that candidate but currently there’s no opening in your organization, but don’t want to miss out on that candidate so you can add that candidate to your talent pool with just a click. In the same extension, you also get the history of that employee like his social media profiles, his skills, his certifications, and achievements.

Candidate Feedback

Don’t you want to know whether your recruiter is doing right or not and what the candidate has to say about them? AviaHire has a feature called candidate feedback wherein the candidate can rate the interviewer. For example, if a particular interviewer of your company is getting a 2-star rating you can filter candidate feedback on 2-star and 3-star and read their feedback regarding why they have given that interviewer a low rating which will help the company to identify the issue and work accordingly to improve their recruitment process.

Employee Referral Program

AviaHire has a built-in referral program that ensures to helps the management and the HR save time, ensuring all their records are maintained and kept accurately for an easy-breezy referral program. With benefits like direct posting on their social networks, referral tracking, and leaderboards the employees are motivated to get more referrals for the company.

To know more about AviaHire ATS, request a demo today.

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