5 Areas to Boost Employee Productivity using HR Technologies

Increasing employee productivity seems difficult. Hence we suggest you some HR technologies which might help you boost employee productivity

“We’re far past paper locked in filing cabinets. As the nature of HR teams shifts and grows, processes have become more automated, efficient, and data-driven. And when the “data” part of HR is automated, HR professionals get more time to focus on what matters — people, team dynamics, diversity equity and inclusion, employee development, and much more. Therefore, we bring you tips to boost employee productivity.

The HR department can easily lean on HR technologies for Hiring, managing, and connecting their employees. They are encrypted, organized, and secure — and a great way to automate everyday business functions in ways that are easy for everyone to use.

75% of recruiters say technology will play a larger role in their hiring process this year — and we can expect that 100% of recruitment departments will rely on automation to streamline hiring processes.

Candidate job application

With an ever-increasing number of candidates to sort through — not to mention an under-dimensioned recruitment department — it’s no surprise that the HR department might be having trouble sourcing and selecting qualified candidates for your organization.

Recruitment, or talent acquisition, is moving online for more and more companies, greatly streamlining the hiring process. From easily handling online postings on multiple job boards or LinkedIn to storing applicant data, this technology is modernizing the hiring process.

Many HR applications employ applicant tracking systems (ATS) like AviaHire to automate all aspects of their recruiting processes. Company-branded email templates are often included so recruiters don’t need to re-key application correspondence, increasing productivity while ensuring quality and reducing overall hiring costs.

Web-based video Interview

Screening of candidates with the help of video proctoring. Once the candidates are screened then comes the video interview. The most important perk of video interviews is they are very cheap, all you need is a good internet connection. They are easy to schedule and conduct with help of automation like sending them email confirmation, using popular video conferencing applications or let an ATS(applicant tracking system) do all the work for you.

It also tightens up the time spent by eliminating the associated travel and the money spent on it. With consent from the candidate, the recruiter can compare different applicants’ to pick the perfect employee. Therefore, it is one of the tips to which might help you boost employee productivity.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training improves employee efficiency and productivity, they become more aware of their responsibilities and expectations the company has from them. These programs should be super flexible and allow the employees to study at their own pace. The learners should be able to stop and restart their modules based on their will.

Most importantly, built-in reporting features to save valuable time for the talent development staff and streamline the overall process. Automated alerts, emailing employees (and their managers) about approaching completion deadlines can be set up in the system so that employees don’t miss out on anything important.


The first impression is the last impression, properly welcoming new hires, helping them understand the culture and value of your company, and ultimately getting them kick-started. HR technology allows employees to electronically sign a W-4 form and enroll in direct deposit — essential steps for all new hires.

Online platforms can be set up to send reminder emails to make sure all necessary steps are completed. Online onboarding technology cuts down on paper, electronically saving all employees documents and signatures saving the HR department from a massive pile of printed information

Benefits for employees

HR technology brings a central resource to employees, letting them save time by efficiently delivering online access to personalized benefits information. Information about the company provided coverage options like medical, dental, and insurance are available at their disposal. Employees can anytime, anywhere access to their employer’s network from home or while away on business travel. Technology lets employees get answers fast and spend less time searching for the information they need.

From completely streamlining benefit communications and enrollment to helping with interviews and making the entire hiring process easier than ever, it’s safe to say that technology has benefited HR departments, and will only continue to gain strides. Therefore, it is one of the tips to which might help you boost employee productivity.

The productivity boosts that online HR technology delivers has HR staff wondering how they ever managed without it. From completely streamlining benefit communications and onboarding to helping with interviews and making the entire hiring process easier than ever, it’s safe to say that technology has benefited HR departments, and will only continue to gain strides.

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