5 Powerful Recruitment Marketing Techniques You Need to Use  

As we mentioned in our previous article, there is no denial that Recruitment Marketing is the way to go! But are you doing it the right way?   

Here are a few of the techniques you need to apply for your Recruitment Marketing Strategy to go way and beyond-   

Focus on Personal Branding and Update Your website   

The only way to stand out from these hundreds of companies is to turn your company into a recognizable one. Not only for consumers but also for potential employees.   

In case you don’t know, whenever a person wants to know more about a particular company, the first thing they see is The Company Website! It’s the first thing the searcher will see while googling your brand name, followed by the company’s social media.    

Once a potential candidate lands on your website, they will want to find the information about your company and job openings fast, as well as submit their application effortlessly. This is why the website should be user-friendly- easy to swipe and search.    

Your website architecture needs to be simple so people can find the desired information faster, while your website design needs to be professional and pleasant to the eye. Every element, from your menu categories to the choice of your colours, fonts, and links needs to be used strategically.  

Build your recruitment strategy on the Inbound methodology   

Employer branding is all about building lasting relationships with your target audience and inspiring them to come back to your website. That’s why employer branding goes hand in hand with the inbound methodology.   

Now inbound recruiting includes several stages-   

  • Attract strangers and turn them into website visitors/ potential candidates by quality content and all relevant business directories.   
  • Turn visitors into potential candidates by user-friendly forms.    
  • Converting leads into candidates by sending them regular email newsletters and content about your company’s new achievements, application processes, vibrant culture.   
  • Finally, inbound marketing focuses on turning your job candidates into brand promoters. Provide them with a smooth, easy and efficient user- experience and take their feedback.   

Build and manage your talent pool   

It takes a lot of tools to manage a talent pool – the most common and efficient likely being an applicant tracking system. Use more recent candidate files as a starting point for connecting with people, asking for referrals, and developing market intelligence.   

Further, collaborate with your marketing team to create a compelling career webpage that is aligned with your company branding and promotes brand awareness.  

Improve candidate experience right from the start   

It has been seen that 60% of job seekers have had a negative candidate experience, while 72% of them decided to voice their dissatisfaction publicly.    

The candidate’s experience is a direct indicator of the company’s work culture and ethics. It plays a very important role in the decision-making factor. Candidates have said that negative experience can hurt their morale and their perceptions of an employer.    

Greater candidate dissatisfaction can lead to a negative public image, leading to financial losses. Virgin Media was losing over $5.4 million annually due to poor candidate experiences.

To avoid this, it’s important to keep in mind that acquiring top talent begins even before they’ve applied for the position. And improving candidate experience plays an important role in it.   

Have an Employee Referral Program   

Employee referral programs are one of the most powerful and under-appreciated hiring tools. 88% of employers rated employee referrals above all sources for generated quality of new hires.   

Because of the effectiveness of this program, a lot of brands prefer and rely on this method.   

For example, Intel provides referral bonuses to their employees. Moreover, when an employee recommends women or minorities, their bonus doubles. Salesforce hosts so-called Recruitment Happy Hours, meetings where their staff members can invite people they want to refer to. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that these strategies will keep on changing, as the industry will keep on evolving. What works this year, might not in the following years. Also, the methods you use should align with your company’s mission and vision. That is why any recruitment marketing method needs to be observed on a case-by-case basis.  

Always test the effectiveness of your tactics to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on what works for your company. What are your views on it? Do you feel I’ve missed out on something? Let me know in the comments.  

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Vedangi Pathak
Vedangi is currently pursuing her B.E in Mechanical Engineering. She's a woman in STEM with a keen interest in Marketing and mutual love for reading. Skilled in Public Speaking, Writing, Content Creation and Organization, she has won multiple awards and prizes for the same.