5 Tricks to Manage a Surge in Job Applicants now.

Whether you need mass hires currently or in the future, it’s beneficial to start planning to manage a surge in job applicants now.

Is your company facing an unexpected surge in applications? If so, you don’t have to worry about how to manage it. Whether you are mass hiring now or got plans to hire tons of employees in the future, this blog can interest you on how to deal with mass hiring circumstances. Here’s how to Manage a Surge in Job Applicants.

As a recruiter, you must be glad to see so many candidates interested in your company but it’s important that you have a swift interview process and hire the right candidate for the required role.

With AviaHire you don’t have to worry, you will be prepared. We keep in mind the company’s requirement from our system and a great balance between automation and human touch to speed up the process efficiently.

Auto rejection with knockout feature

When you are overwhelmed with the response of candidates in abundance, it’s important to start filtering the candidates right from the start by asking them the right questions. These questions can be based on specific job requirements, a technical skillset, or simply based on experience to root those candidates in the mass-applying process.

In AviaHire’s ATS(Applicant Tracking System) the company can customize questions based on their requirements to get rid of unqualified candidates. Like, whenever the company wants to hire an employee with a minimum of 2 years experience in Python, Aviahire lets the recruiter create a questionnaire which the candidate will have to fill while applying for the job, based on the candidate’s answer, the system will automatically reject that candidate.

Streamline interview scheduling

Once the filtering of candidates is done, you already have your top funnel of candidates. Sending emails to each and every candidate for scheduling interviews can be a tedious job, as you have to send it to tons of candidates. Doing this manually is stupid, all you need is a system that can automatically send reminders and emails to those candidates who are selected for the interview stage.

AviaHire’s system has integrated Calendars, Emails & WhatsApp to make sure that no candidate misses out on anything important and has a streamline interview scheduling experience. Hence it is one of the ways to Manage a Surge in Job Applicants.

Uncovering the top talent

A job application or an attractive resume is not enough to assess a particular candidate, sometimes a job profile requires a specific skill set from the candidate. To help the organization screen the right-qualified candidates as quickly as possible, a series of online tests to test their logical analytical skills or assignments to learn their approach toward a particular problem.

AviaHire’s solution tests candidates for specific skills set prior to their face-to-face interview, as candidates can provide HackerRank, Github, LinkedIn profile for technical skills, and also provide online tests for college recruitment. With so many resumes pouring daily in your system it’s important that you find some differentiating candidates from the lot in order to get the best employees for your company.

Assess your valuable talent pool

Creating a meaningful relationship with your active employees and your prospective candidates is beneficial in the long term. Utilizing AviaHire’s system can help you to design your valuable assets, even when there is a hiring slowdown.

With AviaHire, users can create a prospectus talent pipeline like talent pool, keeping a track of this group and reaching them back when appropriate hiring roles are available for them.

Reports to measure quality

Everything looks validated and truthful when represented in a form of data or statistics. Using proper reports to measure the quality of hires and their effectiveness is a vital part of high-volume hiring. Letting the recruiter know which type of sourcing is working best for the company can benefit him in making strategies and decisions regarding the recruiting process.

AviaHire’s users can save, bookmark, and share candidate’s reports with their team. This can help the management in making collaborative decisions and assessing the candidate’s quality by sources like job boards, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. Also, dissecting results on which sourcing techniques help in bringing more future employees so that HR managers can concentrate and work on that particular source to get the right qualified employees.

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