5 Ways To Make Your Employee Referral Program Successful

A well-executed employee referral program can do wonders for your company. Here are 5 ways to Make Your Employee Referral Program Successful

The companies adopt many hiring tools and methods to find their ideal employees. Depending on a specific vacancy or career level requirements they opt from the traditional job posting to the career portals with an applicant tracking system. Here are 5 ways to Make Your Employee Referral Program Successful

But most of the companies have shifted toward the Employee Referral Program which has proved to do wonders for the company’s talent pipeline. Building a referral program is no more a complicated task. It has now become a trusted methodology and has consistently been used because of its benefits, some of which are highlighted here.

Selecting the right software

If you use an ATS(Applicant Tracking System) your program is simplified as all the referrals information is centralized and organized. It will save you time form switching to applications to view, share, and store all the referred profiles. With ATS you can easily track which employee applied to the program and, in turn, makes it easy to extend a reward when their referral is hired. You can also prioritize your star employees who have a history of recommending the best referrals.

Communicate with your employees

Be it the new hire or the existing employees inform them about the program and the benefits for the employees and the company in general. Highlight them the various tools they use to spread the word. Facts work best than an objective view of the program’s return. State them the employee referral statistics and company cases that have actually performed well because of an efficient employee referral program

Keep it simple

Focus on having a simpler user experience to engage your employees. Keep the following things in mind when you design your interface

  • Easy submission of the referral
  • Easy tracking
  • Incentive and reward tracking
  • Easy sharing of job openings

To give your program an organic reach make sure the process is smooth and simple.

Updating employees about their referrals

When employees refer a candidate to the program they expect to receive updates about their referral and if not done so they get reluctant to refer again, which undermines your employee referral program. Have a unique trackable link for the employee so that he knows what’s happening at every stage of the process. If referral selected reward them and if not sending a THANKYOU mail to encourage them to keep looking for great people so that they don’t feel underappreciated

Constant Employee Engagement

After the launch, it is possible that the engagement falls over time. Employees are more interested when the program is new hence it’s necessary for the developer to come up with new features that might interest the employees. For example periodically sending out internal newsletters to keep employees notified about the reward, new job openings, laurels awarded to the company, and their leaderboard position. Leaderboards have proven to be the best source for motivating their employees and getting more engagement from them for these programs.

By using creative and efficient strategies for Employee Referral Program you can increase the chances of employees engaging with the program and making repeat referrals with their best recommendations, making the program successful. You can use ATS software to automate and simplify your ERP and make it successful.

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