Adapt to the distance with AviaHire integration and solutions

Now that the pandemic has taken full form, how do employers keep their team integrated amidst the distance and achieve the same results as before? Read on to find out!

The pandemic has very well taught all of us that certain things are beyond human control. Everyone was placed in situations uncalled for, some more than the others, and somehow everyone managed to emerge with the most innovative solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses used to function and has paved the way for increasing remote work. Adapting to this distance has now become the biggest challenge for most employers and employees. Conference calls, virtual meetings, and online working have become trends. We wait out uncertainty, hoping that organizations can aspire to come out of this as even more resilient businesses, with stronger cultures, and as better teams. So how should companies successfully utilize this distance to achieve the same before-COVID level of success? Read more on how to adapt to the distance with AviaHire integration and Solutions

Here’s a guide for all the working individuals to get used to this growing mode of work-from-home with easy to adopt solutions to problems!

Problem: Working collaboratively

Due to this increasing distance, working in collaboration with the entire team has become an issue for companies, who find it confusing, concerning integrating the entire team on one particular platform. Checking the availability of all the employees, fixing on meeting schedules, and organizing online conferences has become an almost every day task now, but there is always one individual for whom it is not the best time of the day, leading to awkward situations.


The easiest way out of this is to use applications such as ZoomMicrosoft TeamsSlackGoogle Meet, etc that provide the options for scheduling video calls and meets with the entire team on board. Interviewing and hiring candidates via these online platforms has also become very common these days. They are much more economical and easy to execute as compared to physical interviews.

To make your work easier, Aviahire’s integrations with multiple video conferencing platforms enable recruiters and candidates to gain a vivid experience and enjoy hassle-free video conferences and collaborations.

Problem: Remote Hiring

Another important difficulty that almost all companies are facing these days is recruiting new talent online. With the option of physically screening candidates not viable amidst the pandemic, companies need to think of new ways to process applications, conduct interviews, and select the right talent for their companies.


With modern technologies in place, there is no need for recruiters to worry about hiring anymore. An Applicant tracking system allows recruiters to carry out all the processes of hiring in almost a few clicks. Right from posting of jobs, parsing resumes, scheduling interviews to sending offer letters- an applicant tracking system does it all. AviaHire’Video proctoring allows recruiters to screen candidates online save it as a form of a document attached to the candidate’s profile. Not only tests which involve answering questions by selecting options or typing the answer, but it also has the additional option to create a question to which candidates have to record their video in the form of an answer. Adapt to the distance with AviaHire integration and solutions with multiple job boards as well as video conferencing applications, that makes the work easier.

Problem: Onboarding Candidates

Integrating new employees into the organization becomes difficult when you are not present in the office physically. How would you as an employer make sure that the new employees get to know their team members, get used to the new work culture and their team members know them as well?


The best solution to this problem is having digital onboarding for candidates. Digital onboarding leverages the availability of digital tools and technology to make the onboarding process as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Digital tools also provide new hires with the ability to access information and get answers to questions on a 24/7 basis whenever they need it. Integrating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can also prove to be beneficial for employers as it can simply transfer information from one system to another. This increased transparency and fluidity can have multiple benefits. Managers and employers may also be able to access needed information from a single point, instead of having to log on to separate systems.

Problem: Candidate Communication

Juggling with all the candidates, their hiring status, and communicating with each person can be overwhelming. But the recruiters must stay in constant touch with all the candidates. The company’s reputation is at stake here and you don’t want to be named as a bad recruiter.


All you need is an Applicant Tracking System(ATS) which makes 2-way communication easier for you. AviaHire’s ATS feature also uses WhatsApp, your candidate will never miss an update. Once a particular stage of the hiring process is completed an automated email is sent to the candidate’s email id and at the same time, a WhatsApp message is sent to the candidate to check their email. Even if you are using automated mails make sure they have a human touch to them. AviaHire provides its customers with customizable email templates and personalized updates and messages on WhatsApp as well.

Difficulty: Customer Support

Providing proper support and guidance to all the clients of your company is just another step toward being a recruiter. Customers are bound to have numerous doubts and queries regarding the ATS and it is only the company’s responsibility amidst a crisis to address all such queries.


Be honest with your customers. This is certainly not the time to over-promise or mislead customers. Maintain an open dialogue with them. Tell them your team is equipped to face the situation, but there might be occasional delays. If you’re in e-commerce, and a product shipment has been delayed due to a supply chain bottleneck, tell your customer about it. They’ll understand. AviaHire is proud of answering all queries and questions by customers and providing them with a positive experience.

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