All You Need To Know About Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate well-being solutions are one objective — to support employees in their well-being journey, employers are looking for programs and services that operate from this shared orientation.

Many diseases are preventable and implementing a comprehensive approach to corporate wellness programs is a good way to educate employees in the company on the importance of creating healthy habits and the benefits of sticking to wellness goals. In turn, employers are expanding their wellness program approach from one size fits all, to a incorporate a wellness program that is tailored to each individual in the organization. This blog tells you all you need to know about Corporate Wellness Programs.

Having difficulty building a business case for your corporate well-being solution? Read Further to understand about corporate wellness programs.

What are Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage an integrated approach for employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of health.

Offering a corporate wellness solution that extends beyond the old-fashioned wellness programs cultivates healthy habits among the young employee populations and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments, and boosting employee engagement.

How to Create an Effective Corporate Wellness Program?

Awareness is the greatest agent for change. Everything you want to do starts with creating awareness.

First, you can start your corporate wellness program by creating health awareness and promoting health education.

Make your employees aware of the facts and statistics related to various lifestyle issues. Additionally, let them know how different lifestyle anomalies are impacting the health in the long run as well as the short run.

This works because fear is a great motivator. Moreover, you cannot inspire someone to do something unless they know why they are doing it.

Next, is to make sure that this motivation isn’t short-lived. Make the process so smooth and convenient for them that it becomes hard for them to escape from it. Ensure that the** continuity of your employee wellness program is maintained**.

And finally, demonstrate the results to them and appreciate them for their improvement. Because that’s what will keep them going!

Remember health improvement, in the long run, is what we are after.

3 Examples of the Best Workplace Wellness Programs

On-site fitness centers

This might be considered the peak of all corporate wellness program examples. Not everyone can provide their team members with a 72,000 square foot fitness center, but Chesapeake Energy considers it a completely justified expense for recruiting and retaining healthy team members. The fitness center offers team members an Olympic-sized swimming pool and access to personal trainers.

What makes this wellness program great?

The fitness center is just one part of the company’s ‘Living Well’ program, it also offers cash incentives for team members who participate and meet their goals in various areas of the program. Chesapeake Energy cares about their team members’ well-being and has provided them with as much support as possible to help them reach their goals.

Employee assistance programs

Wellness not only means taking care of the body but also the mind. Accenture provides support to employees for issues like stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Employees at Accenture are also rewarded for setting wellness goals and accomplishing them.

What makes this wellness program great?

The employees who need extra assistance outside the workplace get the help they need to perform their best. Accenture realizes that support for their employees shouldn’t end once they leave the building.

By providing extra support initiatives, organizations can communicate to a certain level of empathy and provide support for their people, thus boosting satisfaction and confidence between the employer and the employee.

All You Need To Know About Corporate Wellness Program
All You Need To Know About Corporate Wellness Program

Lunch and healthy snacks

With only 30 minutes for lunch, many team members may feel that they have to finish eating fast when buying their lunch. Bandwidth offers a 90-minute Fitness Lunch to their employees, enough time to play a sport, hit the gym, or even to head home for a healthy homemade lunch.

Again, Google sets the bar high with its cafeterias, offering catered lunches and snacks to team members throughout the day. Services have popped up recently that will deliver healthy snacks to your office, like Natural Source and Mindful Snacks.

What makes this wellness program great?

Since everyone has to eat, a lunch program will appeal to all of your team members. Promoting healthy eating in the workplace benefits everyone in the office. Healthy and communal eating programs encourage interaction between people from different teams, and the cafeteria provides one such place where a large and diverse workforce can mingle and connect.

What to Consider When Deciding on a Corporate Wellness Solution?

  • Program Impact and Proven Effectiveness

The primary focus is whether the corporate wellness solution delivers what it says it does. Your focus may be health care cost reduction, employee engagement, retaining and attracting top talent, or organizational culture and morale. Think of your primary objectives for investing in a wellness solution. Then, with each vendor, inquire about the platform’s results and how these results are determined.

  • Program Features

What does the wellness solution support and how does that align with the set objectives? Review the platform to see how well it supports all aspects of wellbeing. Then, consider your long-term objectives and evaluate each vendor based on its ability to grow, and counsel, alongside.

  • Flexibility and Customization

Review how each potential vendor can tailor its wellness solution, from content and the user interface to services and resources. You want to know whether customization is limited to adding your logo to the platform, or if it means you can develop new content and new challenges and turn other modules on or off without time-consuming and expensive software coding.

  • Reporting

You’ll want to know regularly how your employees engage with the well-being program. How frequently do they return to the platform, and for what duration? What do they find most appealing? You may also want to peel back the layers and see how certain groups of employees use the platform and what impact that’s having. Get clear on what administrative rights you have so there are no surprises about how you gain access to reporting, or at what cost.

  • User Experience

The outcomes you desire rely on frequent use by your employees, making a well-designed user interface and user experience a requirement. You’re seeking intuitive navigation, consistent treatment, and a clear visual hierarchy so employees know where to find what they want and can accomplish what they want, efficiently and painlessly.

  • Engagement

Continuing use of the well-being solution is a key marker when evaluating a program’s performance. What percentage of the employees regularly interacts with the platform, its available content, and promoted activities and tools? Are current users drawn back and the new users drawn in? How broad is each user’s engagement? Ideally, users would return to the platform’s many features and functions daily, so isn’t they sustain healthy habits that drive long-term behavior change.

To Sum up

Having a corporate wellness program is directly and indirectly beneficial to the company in many ways as we have discussed in the blog. All your employees seek is a personalized and technologically advanced approach. You give them that and your program is destined to be a success!

To sum up, a sound corporate wellness program is in every way a “win-win” situation.

Medical and healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate and so are the risks of health crises. It won’t be an overstatement to say that promoting health and wellness at a workplace is indeed the need of the hour.

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