Are Data Analytics Skills Must for all Employees? AviaHire has the Reasons

Data Analytics skills are now a necessary skill set that every employee must have, irrespective of the department they work for. Why? Read on to know.

Data analytics skills are not just for data scientists. Nowadays, knowing how to handle data effectively, or having data literacy skills, is important for any employee. There are poor data literacy rates in many companies worldwide which is hindering the progress towards achieving the company goals. The inability of organisations to use data effectively is because of the lack of data analytics skills among employees. The greater the amount of data, the call for the ability to use various tools to look at the data becomes louder. It also becomes important to ensure that employees working in all departments have a good data skills set. Data literacy isn’t about tools, software, or programming languages. It is from the perspective of data; how you look at it, what kind of data is collected, how it is collected, and how you can use this data.

So are data analytics skills a must for all employees? AviaHire has the reasons for you.

Increasing Automation in the Workplace

Increasing automation in the workplace is beneficial and has many advantages. However one must take into consideration the effects of it. Employees, especially in sales and product roles, need to understand what data is being collected, what automatic processes are used, and how it affects them and the company.

An employee working in the sales department must look at the transaction systems including the interactions with customers, what processes are being automated, and what data is being collected. An employee working in the products department needs to understand customer needs and behaviour to design new and innovative features. The marketing department needs to check the demographic data to develop effective campaigns accordingly. The customer service department needs to gather data to best serve the customers.

Gain problem-solving skills

Analytics is all about solving problems. The ability to think analytically, logically, and to be able to approach problems with a strong mindset is very important. The workplace has an unpredictable environment. One must have strong reasoning skills and look at the problem, the information, and be able to figure out solutions from the provided information. One must be able to look at the provided data and draw conclusions from it.

Analytics is everywhere

There is an abundance of data right under our fingertips. This big data boom has produced numerous opportunities for talented employees out there. There are also possibilities for career progression options. Various industries like aviation and government demand high data analytics skills. Many companies are looking to leverage and capitalise on data to improve their processes, so being equipped with these skills would make you successful anywhere. Many colleges and schools are now trying to bring these skills into the curriculum, keeping in mind the increasing importance of this skill set.

Gaining a range of related skills

Knowing how to work and solve problems is not enough. When working with data, you must be able to interpret and explain the data to those without expertise in the field. You will need to have the communication skills to effectively explain complex information to others. Communication skills are a vital part of any career; a necessary soft skill one must develop. Other related skills include decision-making skills and strong leadership skills.

Thus data analytics skills are necessary no matter which department you are working in. You can take a basic statistics course which would give you the foundational language and understanding of data concepts. Look at acquiring data analytics skills as a business skill rather than a technical skill. Learning data analytics skills will make you valuable to the company you work for.

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