AviaHire and it’s Video Conferencing Solutions

AviaHire and it’s Video Conferencing Solutions has the conference options you crave for in an ATS!

With advancements in technology, the hiring system of the industry has evolved drastically. In the past, companies had to conduct interviews in a supreme way as the availability of qualified candidates in the market was scarce. And to find the right candidate to agree to an interview in itself was an achievement. As of 2020, the tables have completely turned. Read further to understand AviaHire and it’s Video Conferencing Solutions.

Where an interview was given such high importance by both the candidate and the recruitment team, now does not see the same importance because the statistics have changed. The talent is available in the market, all the recruitment teams now need to do is filter out the right ones by interviewing them in an efficient manner, financially as well as with respect to the time constraints.

Thus, comes in Video Conferencing. There are only limited mainstream tools online that can be used for corporate affairs to assure security and privacy. Folks at AviaHire have managed to nail all the market’s requirements all in one product.

Wait, what is the Market Requirement?

The market is such that nowadays different companies use different tools to manage their email services. Some have subscribed to packages such as Googles G Suite or Microsofts Office 365, clients who use these packages as a whole tend to favour using the package-inclusive Video conferencing service such as Google Meet or Microsofts Teams. Now, to use a service that already works seamlessly around all other products that you already use is comfortable for anyone.

The users who have their proprietary mailing service also need options to choose a video conferencing service. All this becomes essential to any team that is planning on using an applicant tracking system.

How did AviaHire nail the market requirements?

AviaHire is proud to be integrated with the market-leading video conferencing services. Having integrated with all these services is giving AviaHire clients flexibility which is unheard of in the ATS industry.

In Addition to all these integrations, AviaHire also has the option to have a proprietary video conferencing service enabled with its Meeting Rooms feature. In which the client can use proprietary conferencing service as well, provided it meets the compatibility requirements.

How does having multiple options help a user?

Okay, get it. A user might only use one conferencing at any time, so how does having multiple options help? Firstly we need to understand that not every video conferencing software is the same. Every service has its own unique features to it. Now having the option to have the desired feature all in one platform, without the need for sacrificing user experience is a benefit not hyped.

Which Video Conferencing services are we talking about?

AviaHire connects with all the major video conferencing services in the current market as well as has options to include proprietary conferencing services used by clients who use onshore servers for communications. Options like Cisco Webex & Whereby also exist.

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Video Conferencing options available in AviaHire


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