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AviaHire now integrates with Interview Mocha to help recruiters improve their hiring process. Read on to find out more about the integration…

Quite a long time back, hiring used to be a difficult, costly, and time-consuming task. However, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence came the opportunities for hiring online, which almost reduced these difficulties to nil. Recruiting has never been so much easier where companies can carry on almost all of the tasks like sourcing, screening, interviewing, providing offers, and onboarding using one single Applicant Tracking System. Serving as add-ons to these features include resume parsing, taking evaluation tests, video proctoring, posting jobs on multiple job boards, and preparing analytics reports. Digitization has led to numerous advancements in the hiring industry and made the work of recruiters simpler. Interview Mocha is one such AI-powered digital assessment software and its integration with the AviaHire Applicant Tracking System has brought all such features together on the recruiter’s table. Learn more about the AviaHire and Interview Mocha integration.

About Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha, now known as iMocha, is an online skills assessment software that provides custom made assessments to recruiters to hire specific candidates. Launched in February 2015, it had more than 600 clients, serving in 50+cities and more than 100 assessment tests. iMocha helps to deal with time management constraints while hiring individuals by automating all the processes and providing instant results. With various features of live interviews, video proctoring, a huge skill library, custom-made tests, and real-time image proctoring, iMocha is a go-to for every recruiter trying to minimize time and cost requirements for hiring.

What is the new integration?

AviaHire, with its own Applicant Tracking System, decided to integrate with iMocha in the month of July 2020 on a special request of our client, Serrala. Serrala is an international provider of financial technology and solutions, based in Germany. They decided to expand their operations in Pune and use Aviahire as their recruiting partner. We decided to integrate iMocha’s assessment tests into our system and provide our clients with a more customized set of questions for carrying out their hiring process. This was done by integrating an API plugin into the ATS. It provides recruiters with various types of questions- ranging from Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), One-Word answers to Coding snippets. In addition to that, it provides a huge database of questionnaire templates to recruiters for various field and subject-related questions such as those on Java, Python, etc.

So now, the recruiters already have the facility to use an applicant tracking system along with previously made assessments tests, without needing to create them from the scratch or employ another software for the same. Everything gets done in one place in the least time possible. Hiring teams can know the real-time status of their applicants and be informed about them all the time.

How does this integration help?

AviaHire has its own in-built skill-assessment feature within its Applicant Tracking System. However, a lot of recruiters might not possess the technical knowledge or the skills required to design specific field-related questions. Additionally, it required recruiters to create all the questions from scratch as there was no repository available for questions previously made. Hence, with the new integration, recruiters can avail both the options of building their own test or accessing a pre-built one.

All they have to do is send the test from AviaHire and its done. No need to switch between portals.

So how does it work?

Let us explain the working of AviaHire and Interview Mocha integration from the perspective of a company, ABC. Let’s say ABC wants to hire people who are well-versed with Python. ABC Ltd. is a client of AviaHire and wants us to do the recruiting for them. We ask iMocha to create a test for us for the same, which they do by using their huge repository of assessment questions. iMocha then sends the assessment link to us, which we, in turn, send to the candidates applying for the post, as stored in our ATS. After the candidates are done with their assessment, the data gets automatically updated on our ATS portal. Finally, the results are generated using the analytics feature and the list of selected candidates is sent to ABC Company.

Yeah, it’s that simple!

What’s in store now?

Integrating iMocha into our system has proven to be a great add-on and is of tremendous benefit to the recruiters. In the future, we plan on doing more such integrations with various other skill-assessment software, Hacker Rank is one of the few coming up next. AviaHire is always eager to customize its services according to the requirements of our clients and is constantly bringing in new features and integrations to our system.

So if you are a recruiter, looking forward to a quick hiring process with everything ready-made and customized for you, you know what’s the right place for you!

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