Best job boards for every industry to recruit from in 2021

Job boards are search engines that bring together and display jobs posted by employers seeking new employees. They are among the most popular and visited sites on the internet. Recruiters use job boards to post open positions and search resume databases. Workers use these sites to find new career opportunities and to apply online for jobs. Hiring managers should be proactive in such boards and post new openings to get the best talent from the candidate pool. Some job boards utilize applicant tracking systems to help streamline the application process. So what are the best job boards out there that recruiters can take advantage of to recruit?


Indeed is one of the most popular and well-known job boards on the internet. This job board receives more internet traffic than any other job board. The site brings together job listings from thousands of employment-related websites in a single search engine. Indeed users can apply for jobs, track the latest job trends, research and compare salaries, sign up for job alerts, and create resumes to share with potential employers. Users can type the keywords of their job title and location to receive thousands of results from different companies.

Indeed offers employers a wide range of educational experience, from high school to graduation. Many job seekers report that Indeed has the fastest and easiest application process among online job search engines.


Another popular job board is LinkedIn. It is one of the best social media platforms for working professionals. In LinkedIn, you can search for specific job listings based on location, experience level, and more. Users can connect with colleagues and known people in their field to boost their networking reach. LinkedIn offers the feature of “EasyApply” where the user can submit their information with just a few clicks.

Users can get in touch with recruiters in their industry. They can check company job postings and look up open positions. Employers also look out for profiles that match their requirements. Employers and job seekers can connect, share resumes, and advertise available positions.


Glassdoor offers a great salary research tool and a job search engine. With Glassdoor, users can filter their searches based on the job type, salary range, distance, and more. Users can also check the average salaries for their fields and check the average salaries at a specific company. They can also see what are the typical interview questions asked at specific companies.

Glassdoor has thousands of job listings from a wide range of companies that users can search for and apply directly. What distinguishes Glassdoor from other job search engines is its feature of employee review. Glassdoor users can read reviews of companies and can consult company ratings before applying to a position.


Monster has a great job selection list where users can look for jobs based on keywords, location, and categories like legal, accounting, marketing, etc. There is also an advice section where users can get career advice based on their applications. For employers, Monster provides a large database of resumes of potential employees. Employers can select candidates from a wide range of experience, from high school to graduation.

Career Builder

Another known job board is CareerBuilder. In CareerBuilder, users are notified of the latest jobs they are interested in based on their resume keywords. The site also gives users a report of how they compare with other candidates. CareerBuilder has a direct relationship with most Fortune 500 companies. While Indeed and Monster offer job candidates with a wide range of educational backgrounds, CareerBuilder focuses more on college-educated graduates.

CareerBuilder gathers job postings directly from employers. The site also partners with many local news organizations, thus they can list their local job ads from the classifieds section.


SimplyHired allows users to discover local jobs and also gives an approximate salary estimator with the job role. SimplyHired also offers local job listings, depending on the region. It has good research features and customization and allows users to save specific searches as well. Users can also search employers on whether they are eco-friendly, whether they promote diversity, or whether they tend to hire veterans, and more.


Hiring becomes a lot easier when recruiters post on multiple job boards. There are a lot of advantages when posting on multiple job boards. Recruiters can reach a large audience, can make life easier for potential employees, create an online employer brand, and simplify the recruitment process when posting on multiple job boards. With AviaHire, you can have a hassle-free recruiting process. AviaHire is proud to be integrated with the market-leading job boards across the globe. With the integrations with multiple job boards across the globe, it enables us to provide a consistent flow of candidates no matter where our client is located in.

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