Building the Team: How to Recruit for a Startup?

Here’s a guide on how to recruit candidates for a startup and build the team?

The most challenging task after you’ve set up your startup is to hire an efficiently functioning team for it. Most of the startups face difficulties in this stage because they are new in the market and most of the talent pool is already working in some well-paying jobs. Most startups find it a difficult task to find out where prospective candidates are and where to look for them, with recruiting trends and tactics changing, employers keep on getting crafty with their hiring techniques. It is necessary to hire in the right way and the right people because when you are new, you cannot afford to hire the wrong person and end up paying them when money has just started flowing in. This blog addresses the question of how to recruit for a startup and build your team accordingly.

As much as recruiting the right individuals is important, it is necessary to make sure that they are retained. Obviously you would not want a high turnover rate when the company just flagged off. According to research conducted by Bank of America in 2015, small businesses struggled to hire the right talent. The most prevalent reasons cited included very high pay expectations, preference to work in a large or mid-sized brand, and wanted benefits that were not provided by small scale companies.

Let’s explore some generic ways to improve hiring for startups:

Building the Team: How to Recruit for a Startup?

Make sure you recruit for the right reasons

Sometimes it is possible that you get highly-qualified candidates but you need to make sure about what they are looking for in their new job and determine whether you would be a great fit for them. If you want to retain such a candidate, make sure to provide a mutually beneficial environment.

Be rigorous and keep following up

Do not rush the hiring process, keep it slow yet consistent. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and look out for their needs and aspirations. Don’t just hire someone because you need employees quickly. Have regular follow-ups and keep them updated about your processes. It is important to have quality communication so that they don’t feel alienated or left out. We at Aviahire use our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to ensure that we nurture relationships even as the number of potential candidates grows and have regular follow-ups.

Determine the right time to hire for your startup

One of the biggest decisions for any startup, it is very important to decide on the right time to start hiring and what roles should be hired first. Make sure to think carefully about the required roles and their skills that are going to have the most impact on the success of the business.

List the skills, experiences, and personalities before recruiting for your startup

Make it a point to have a decision on what skills and personalities do you want to see in your new hires. You might want to think long term and want a team of loyal, motivated, and diverse individuals that can represent the diversity of your clients and help in tapping a larger market segment.

Prepare the right set of questions for recruiting

Some of the most important aspects to judge at this stage are work ethics, drive, and passion. Asking your candidates questions like “What was your best day at work?” or “How would you describe your colleagues” tends to bring out the emotional quotient, and most of such answers are genuine. Once you get the right set of people, everything works out in itself. Chalk out the right questions to recruit for your startup.

Explore freelancing potential for your startup

A lot of people are right out there, freelancing while looking for some permanent jobs at the same time. Look at their portfolios and the kind of work they have engaged in and their charges. A lot of such talent pool is available on Fiverr, where you can search out for the right candidates for your startup and have the best recruits.

Using an employee referral program to recruit

Referred employees tend to stick around longer, are cheaper to hire, and tend to be better performers as compared to non-referred ones. Startups can get all the best talent at cheaper costs, avoiding the costs of traditional hiring methods. Great employees are key to the success of a startup, so make sure to choose employees well.

Focus on brand building of your startup

Most of the time, a large number of people have no idea that such a company exists and hence are skeptical about joining them. Market your brand well, ask existing employees to write an article on their experience with the company, and share them on platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This will give an idea about your startup to prospective candidates and encourage them to apply

Speak at events

Having your blog, speaking about your company at events, and having an online presence can help your startup grow a long way, bringing it to the limelight of potential investors as well as prospective candidates, a lot of whom will want to join the team.

While having the right recruiting of employees is a must for a startup planning expansion, maintaining fruitful communication, and retaining employees are essential too. Having the right work environment and a healthy workforce are just add-ons that will make the expansion process easier and smoother. No startup likes to have too many hurdles on its way, let alone big companies. Hence, the best way to avoid them is by planning the right time and way for the right job and recruitment. Have a detailed blueprint on how to recruit for your startup. Everything else will play in order!

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