College Recruitment Drive post COVID-19

College Recruitment Drive post COVID-19 has come to a standstill when it struck the globe. Read further how virtual recruitment drives will take place in the near future.

What is campus recruitment?

College Recruitment Drive post COVID-19 won’t be easy there has to be a strategy where a company sources, engages, and hires recent graduates from institutes for internships or entry-level positions. In normal situations, campus recruitment involves visiting a wide array of colleges and universities in the placement season and hiring the best talent for the organization.

Campus Recruitment Benefits

Bring in new knowledge and skillset

College graduates are a huge source of fresh talents and they can bring in a new perspective to a particular problem. Their new thoughts, out of the box thinking, energy, and familiarity with the current trends will definitely boost the company’s success.

Branding to campuses

In the NACE’s 2018 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey, Branding to campuses had an importance of 90.2% indicating campus recruitment is a good place for increasing the branding of the company. Besides, The Harvard Business Review supports that 72% of millennials hear about companies from their friends, 68% via the job board, and 45% on campus.

Hence, With interesting and engaging pre-placement talk there are high chances that with word of mouth most of the students even from the different institutes will hear and be interested in your company.

Saving on employee salary

At the early start of the career, students are ready to sacrifice a bit on the salary if given a good opportunity and met their requirements during the college recruitment drive post COVID-19

So, it’s a kinda win-win situation as you are getting a pool of fresh knowledge, excitement, eagerness to learn, and a different perspective from one candidate, you are adding a great asset to your company along with saving salary cost which you would pay to someone with the same skill set but a higher experience.

Saving time and marketing effort

With campus recruitment, you save the traveling time of the recruiter to campus and the money spent on it. Also, you don’t have to spend money on marketing the job openings available and the unexpected expenditure spent on screening the resumes, filtering the potential candidates, and conducting interviews.

Groom new talent into long term employees

You want fresh talent to keep flowing in you have to work on their grooming by creating development programs for young talents based on their interest and career goals. These development programs can include mentoring sessions where the young talent can spend shadowing time with their seniors and can learn through their experience. Assigning difficult projects where they can use all their training and polish their leadership skills, time management, and their work attitude.

College Recruitment Drive post COVID-19
Campus Recruitment: Find Right Fit For Your Company

As the world changes every minute and it is almost impossible to predict what can come next, we as individuals should be prepared for whatever may come our way. As it happened with the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, from companies halting their offers to delaying their recruitment process, moving from the in-person recruitment process to remote recruitment process with the help of technology.

Remote Recruitment process

Technology and Artificial Intelligence have aided the recruitment process. Companies are now adopting various remote recruitment processes thinking of it as a futuristic recruitment process. It has now become a necessity with current changes happening globally.

Screening Resumes

It’s almost impossible to hire someone without taking a look at his/her resume once. Recruiters assessing each and every resume manually is quite a tedious process, the outcome it yields is less and the time spent on it is more during the college recruitment drive post COVID-19

Here’s where the recruiting software is the savior. With the automated recruiting software you don’t have to wade through piles of emails of unqualified resumes, hence, giving you a quicker way to access the perfect candidates for your job description. ATS’s these days provide a lot of deeper insights into the resume. This way a recruiter can save a lot of time without having to manually review each resume.

Online Test

A web-based platform with device independence, operating system independence, proper scoring techniques as per the company’s requirements, and secure identification are must for conducting the remote test. Also features like video proctoring or third party and required measures and time limit if the internet goes off or any computer-related problems occur users should be able to continue with their test, hence reliable software is important.


The in-person interviews have shifted to telephonic and video calling interviews. It is suggested that the recruiter maintain consistency in the application used for the video calling interview for the ease of the candidate. Applications like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc. are very popular among the current generation.

To incorporate virtual hiring and recruiting in your company you must adapt to a robust ATS(Applicant Tracking System) to streamline your recruitment process.

From accessing candidates, filtering potential candidates based on the resume or initial test, conducting interviews to giving feedback, all can be done in an Applicant Tracking System. Over time, as the company gets familiar and comfortable with virtual recruitment, traditional recruitment will soon closeout.

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AviaHire will provide you with an end to end recruitment solution. It will help you hire qualified candidates faster and seamlessly integrate with Gmail / Business Mail, Calendar, and any other application that the company is currently using.

Along with the above features, you also get a test interface in our system which allows students in the college to appear for the test and the screening is done then and there. The recruiter who is working remotely can checks who all appeared for the test will get their resumes, cumulative the scores of the test, and move the candidate to the next round during the college recruitment drive post COVID-19

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Assessing emotional intelligence

As the interviews are happening virtually it becomes difficult for the recruiter to assess the emotional intelligence of the candidate. Technical skills can be examined via a series of tests, communication but when it comes to emotional intelligence it becomes a challenge to examine it virtually.

Increase in application

As the location won’t be criteria you are not restricted to filter students based on the location resulting in larger access to the talents which will lead to more applications from the students. You may get applications of students who are just interested in the concept of remote work but do fill the requirement of the job profile, hence sorting these applicants are necessary to get the ideal candidate.

This challenge can be tackled by a tackle by a system which aims at parse and deep search which will help to sort out and filter unwanted candidates and also keeps a track of archived candidates, those who seem to be a potential employee in future but does not fit to the job currently so that you can contact them when needed.

Cheating in online test

In the online tests, there can be cases of impersonation and cheating. Students either ask some else to take the test on their behalf or use methods of cheating like referring to a textbook, using smartphones, or other devices to search for answers online, or taking help from a friend.

This can be tackled with proctoring. In an online exam proctoring a candidate is monitored online during the test duration typically with the help of a webcam, mic, and access to the screen of the candidate. But in addition to recording, the system also monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics.

It ensures the candidate focuses on the test screen during the test; there is enough light in the room and checks for suspicious objects in video and background voice activity to red flag the test. It also uses face recognition to do student authentication.

If the results are efficient and beneficial companies won’t give it a second thought to permanently shift their recruitment and hiring process digitally with surging demand in the Applicant Tracking System.

If the results are fruitful many companies are ready to make a permanent shift to virtual/online recruitment.


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