Common Hiring Mistakes and how to avoid them?

Here’s a guide for all the Recruiters out there to find out and avoid some very common mistakes in hiring.

Hiring the best candidate is not an easy task. A recruiter has to go through a lot of steps and processes before finalizing on one candidate. In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is done in just a matter of clicks, hiring the right candidates takes a considerable amount of time. Recruiters have a lot at stake every time they fill an open position because a bad hire can hurt a business in a number of ways. 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. With a high demand for talent and low supply, your organization can’t afford to make hiring mistakes. For this reason, it’s important that you recognize some of the common hiring mistakes.

Here are some of the very common mistakes almost every recruiter is likely to encounter in the hiring process.

A reactive approach to hiring

A very common mistake done by most recruiters is to carry out the hiring process only when the need arises for the same. The immediate need for a new hire limits time to explore sources of candidates and to identify the best-fit candidate for the position.

The best way recruiters can avoid this is to begin the hiring process well before and have a detailed plan for the activities to be carried out. Recruiters and employees have connections with a lot of sources and candidates. This makes sure that when a position opens, the recruiter already has a pool of promising candidates to reach out to.

Rushing into the hiring process

Companies hire new employees for a variety of reasons. They mostly do so because there’s a void they need to fill which could be an employee leaving the company, an increased workload, etc. Recruiters and hiring managers naturally want to fill roles as quickly as possible to keep productivity on track. But, rushing the hiring process can leave your company in an even worse predicament. When you rush the hiring process you forgo strategy for convenience which often leads to confusion and ultimately, low-quality hires.

One of the best available solutions for recruiters in this regard is to build an efficient talent pool that can undertake efficient hiring at the desired speed. Building the talent pool can help the recruiters not only today but also in the future when the company needs to undertake other rounds of hiring. A well-equipped talent pool of highly qualified and trained individuals is like a priceless opportunity for any organization.

Sticking to one source of candidates

Constantly posting job openings on the same handful of channels will continue to bring in the same types of applicants. While that may have worked in the past, the recruiting landscape is always evolving– and there is now a huge variety of candidate sourcing tools and recruiting platforms.

Recruiters can avoid committing this mistake by having various alternatives available at their disposal. They should create opportunities for internal mobility of talent, make use of Employee Referral Programs, and encourage different types and modes of employment such as Full-time, Part-time, internships, contracts, etc).

Failure to involve the team

While a lot of recruiters aim at taking individual decisions that usually tend to be binding on the others, it is a mistake done by most of them. It is very important for recruiters to consult their teams for any suggestions and take their opinions into consideration before reaching a final decision. This gives the teammates a feeling of belongingness and that their views actually matter. Otherwise, most team members end up feeling left out, leading to dissatisfaction and severed relations.

Recruiters, in order to solve this, should consider collaborative hiring and encourage different departments to be a part of the hiring process and undertake different aspects of hiring. Taking feedback from fellow co-workers and agreeing to implement changes and incorporate new ideas can go a long way into maintaining a united workforce. Hence it is one of the common hiring mistakes

Not checking references

Another common mistake is done by most recruiters in not checking the references provided by the candidates in their applications. They fail at contacting them and verifying important facts, which can lead to unsuccessful decisions. It is very important to a background check and verifies all the facts provided by the candidates to make sure that the information furnished by them is authentic.

Recruiters should make sure that contacting references is done properly, otherwise, it might lead to wrong hires, which can cost companies a fortune.

Mistakes are bound to happen in almost all aspects of life. However, certain mistakes can cost thousands of dollars to companies. Hence, it is not worth committing them and so it is better to adopt the best strategies that can be taken to avoid them.

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