Hiring a Recruiter? Here are the Top 8 Questions You Should Ask

Recruiters can bring a lot of value to an organization. So hiring the best of recruiters should be your necessity. Need any help with hiring your new recruiter? Here are the top 8 questions you should ask them.

Hiring the right recruiter is vital to ensure the hiring of the best talent out there. People are the resource in a company and great talent ensures excellent productivity of the company. Hence hiring a good recruiter can have a huge impact on the company’s development and organization.

Effective recruiters continuously seek the best of talent and innovation out there. Good recruiters understand the market better than anyone else with their experience and knowledge. Effective recruiters save the company’s time and money and can easily fill roles in less time. And most importantly, recruiters know how to communicate with candidates.

Here are a few questions you can ask them:

1. How do you treat candidates who don’t get the job?

Many recruiters often ignore the importance of giving a good candidate experience to the candidates they have rejected. They end up working on the selected ones and proceeding with the next steps. This can essentially harm your company’s employer brand as well as your consumer brand.

The right recruiters would make it clear how they will provide a good candidate experience to all candidates. This could include responding to them and thanking them for their interest in the company and wishing them the best.

Gauge the answers of the candidate to check if they are committed to regularly updating the candidates throughout the process.

2. How do you measure the quality of hire?

Your candidates may wish that you never asked this question because there is no right answer to it.

Talent leaders agree that defining and measuring the quality of hire is one of the biggest challenges recruiters face today. They say that there is no clear solution out there for this. Everyone however agrees that it is still the most important metric in recruiting.

3. What changes have you implemented in your recruiting efforts to increase success?

Self-awareness and critical assessment of oneself are crucial in any field they work in. It is all the more important when you are a recruiter. A recruiter is in search of the right talent for the job. Hence he/she should have a good presence of mind and a clear vision of what he/she is trying to find.

This question determines whether the candidate has critically assessed themselves to identify areas they have to improve. Their answer can also show if they are ready to make changes to improve and develop. Look out if their answer shows the ability to reflect, the desire to improve, and their flexibility.

4. Describe how you would position our company to the candidates.

The answer to this question will tell you how much research the candidate has put into before the interview. While asking this question, aim to assess their quick thinking and knowledge of the company. See if they can present your company precisely and if they can differentiate the company from other similar ones.

Look for creativity and persistence when they mention the strategies they would use.

5. What publications or journals do you read to stay atop the recruiting industry?

Recruiting is an evolving industry that requires constant revision of techniques. Sometimes drastic changes have to take place in the recruiting process.

Effective recruiters can easily adapt to new changes quickly because they keep track of new trends and updates in the industry. You can ask a follow-up question of any recent industry development they found interesting.

You can assess their drive to learn, their curiosity towards development in the field, and their willingness to adapt to changes. See if they mention any blogs, publications, and other resources they use to stay updated.

6. How would you feel if your most desired candidate rejects your offer?

With this question analyze the candidate’s ability to handle negative and unexpected outcomes. The best recruiter would try to figure out why the candidate rejected the offer. He/ she would revise his/her strategies to see if they could do something different next time. See if they had used the opportunity to reflect upon their own work or professionalism.

7. What’s the most rewarding part of being a recruiter?

If the recruiter is not passionate and enthusiastic during the hiring process, candidates would feel unmotivated and uninterested to try their best in getting the job. When a recruiter is truly passionate about what they do, it reflects in the work and effort they put while seeking out talent.

This question seeks out the motivation of the candidate for being a professional recruiter. The candidate may discuss past experiences that influenced them to be a part of this industry. Look if they are passionate enough to pursue the career and not because of the monetary benefits.

8. How do you write a good job posting or advertisement?

Job advertisements should be precise, concise, and specific. They should have all the necessary details job applicants would need to apply for the job. Many job ads however lack transparency in their details while stating very little of the tasks and responsibilities of the employee. A good job posting would give us a good idea of what is expected of us in a particular job.

Job advertisements are often the first thing that applicants look at. Hence a recruiter should possess good writing and communication skills. They should be able to give a good idea of what kind of work is expected and what the job is about.


With these interview questions, you will get a clear idea of the candidate’s thought process, energy level, desire for change, curiosity levels, people-reading skills, marketing abilities, and client development.

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