How ATS is Redefining Hiring with Emerging Technologies

The introduction of technology in the hiring and recruiting process has not just taken off the burden from the recruiter but has also accelerated the whole process. For example, Artificial Intelligence and Applicant Tracking System have been proved efficient in managing the daily flow of resumes from applicants, scheduling processes, and finding potential candidates for Redefining Hiring with Emerging Technologies.

How technology has impacted the HR sphere?

Gone are the days of filling paper application, resume drop-box in the lobby, searching open positions in the newspaper with technology every information you need is available at your disposal. It helps the applicant and recruiter communicate and connect more easily than ever without any possible breakdown.

Top 5 emerging technologies

1) Cloud is everywhere

The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on a computer. It allows the company to store files at remote rather than storing them on local data storage. It allows company features like innovation and customization. Based on the customer’s requirement the cloud provider provides exact tools they need for their business. As this is a third party method the company doesn’t have to worry about the security and monitoring of data, this is delivered by their team of experts.

Redefining Hiring with Emerging Technologyr post

The cloud plays a vital role in hiring and recruiting trade of almost all the sectors with the Retail sector being at the topmost. This enables the HR teams to expand their pool of talent efficiently without expanding their own resources.

2) Block-chain

Many associate blockchains with the finance sector, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. Well, it’s not all about that, blockchain has a lot to offer especially in the recruiting and hiring sector.

Authors of Blockchain Revolution Don & Alex Tapscott define blockchain as “An incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

This means individual data like education and of course, employment history can be stored and interacted securely on a real-time basis. Now it sounds relevant correct!

The blockchain’s decentralized structure makes it impossible to create any fake entry as the algorithm will automatically reject it. The companies can retrieve verified candidate data while keeping it anonymous and adhering to data privacy regulations.

“For the first time in human history, people everywhere can trust each other and transact peer to peer, and trust is established not by some big institution but by collaboration, cryptography, and some clever code.”

-Don Tapscott(Co-founder and executive chairman at Blockchain Research Institute)

3) Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics on your table, you can analyze data to find patterns and generate models to predict future performances. With earlier data, the algorithm can identify which employee has been a large part of the company’s success and thus help HT to predict the right candidate from the new lot of candidates.

For example, if a candidate comes from a certain source — job board, employee referral program the HR team can spend their money on marketing that particular recruiting. This is one way that is redefining hiring with emerging technologies.

4) Automation

Currently, automation can be seen in every process so why recruiting should be behind. Most of the HR professionals consider the toughest job in the recruiting process is Screening resumes, scheduling interviews but automation has taken all care of it.

Automation tools have evolved all these years and perform tasks like writing the job descriptions, screening, and automatic alert to the candidates. To achieve automation many companies have integrated their system with existing tools like Skype, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, etc. For example, Aviahire (Applicant Tracking System) and have integrated video conferencing applications with their software.

5) Big Data

There is no exemption for the HR world from the Big Data effect. With the tremendous growth in data of vacancies and the job hunters which is nearly impossible for humans to manage. As big data can deal with humongous data having access to this data and analyzing this data can help the team to find that ideal candidate for their company.

All human lives are available online and are ready to access(GDPR permitting) by the recruiter which helps them get a complete picture of employee behavior, availability of great talent and thus can plan their recruiting strategy accordingly. This is one way that is redefining hiring with emerging technologies.

Are the recruiters doing it right?

It’s very important for the company to know whether their recruiter is carrying out the whole process efficiently or not. This can be determined by the candidate’s feedback. This will help the organization to improve or work on their recruiters. For example, Aviahire has a feature called candidate feedback wherein the candidate can rate the interviewer.

If the interviewers of a particular company are getting 2.5 or 3 stars rating the company’s management can filter the rating according to the stars and can identify what the issues are and can work accordingly on it to improve their recruitment process. To know more, request a demo today.

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