How can an ATS Help Business to Grow?

Take your business to the next level by introducing an Applicant Tracking System to your workflow. Read further to understand how ATS help business to grow and the benefits of integrating an ATS into your existing system.

Owing to the constant difficulties associated with attracting and hiring skilled candidates in today’s hot job market, 54% of companies worldwide are facing a severe talent crunch. Now that bringing quality talent into the company has become a big challenge for hiring managers, the only option left is to leverage new-age recruiting technology. But it is essential for a business to thoroughly evaluate their organizational requirements before investing in an Application Tracking System (ATS). Read further to understand how ATS help business to grow.

For this reason, different ATS solutions available in the software market is of prime importance, especially for businesses that want to save their valuable resources, time, and money. A sophisticated applicant tracking software always comes loaded with advanced features such as career page hosting, infinite cloud storage, social website integration, analytics, and dashboard, etc.

Top 7 Ways ATS can help businesses thrive:

1. Using an ATS gives valuable analytic insights

Data insights can be extremely beneficial for businesses that want to find bottlenecks in the hiring process and make more informed recruiting decisions.

The best part about employing an applicant tracking software is that it allows recruiters to analyze talent acquisition insights so that they can make the needed improvements with ease and convenience. This way they can allocate their budget accordingly and focus on the recruitment channels which are apt for recruiting quality job candidates.

2. ATS enhances team collaboration and workplace productivity

Unlike previously, departments operating within a company do not have to rely on paperwork for collaborating owing to the arrival of ATS solutions. Authorized team members can access the applicant tracking software’s centralized database to view the status of the recruitment process.

ATS can set interviews, reminders, share candidate details, and take feedback from hiring managers in real-time, thereby making sure that only the brightest job applicants who possess the requisite skill get to move through the recruitment funnel.

3. Save money on your recruiting and onboarding costs by up to 70%

By pre-filling forms with existing details and inputs, as well as eliminating the need to edit, print, scan, collate and email individual documents. In essence, essential documents can be on its way to a candidate in under a minute!

By automating these mundane tasks Applicant Tracking Software saves time and reduces costs immensely. Also, ATS helps by posting job posts on multiple job boards simultaneously with seamless integration which leads to overall cost reduction.

4. Cut onboarding times by 90%

With modern onboarding software, part of advanced ATS, the candidate can complete their requirements — including digitally signing their contract and filling out all the required forms — in minutes. This benefit makes it far more convenient and saving a bunch of time for everyone.

By integrating HRIS and ATS, it is possible to simply transfer information from one system to another. This increased transparency and fluidity can have many benefits. Managers and employers may also be able to access needed information from a single point, instead of having to log on to separate systems. This is one of the ways how ATS help business to grow.

5. Improve your employee experience and retention rates

Improving employee experience should be the main focus of any HR. First impressions are critical to any aspect of life, and a new job is no different — for both parties. Candidates get sold on the company during the interview process. However, it is not done until the contract is signed. The software you use is one of the first points of contact future employees will have with you and your business.

Today’s tech-savvy job seeker expects you to deliver a positive candidate experience at every step of the sourcing process. Online recruitment software makes it easier to ensure a rich end-user experience with a mobile-responsive careers site, allows you to customize the application process to make it quick and easy for your busy candidates

6. Applicant Tracking System helps accelerate the recruitment process

It is an indisputable fact that a slow talent acquisition process can drive talent away and negatively impact a company’s overall productivity rate. This is where an ATS solution can come in handy for HR professionals looking to increase the speed and quality of hire at the same time.

Applicant tracking systems can speed up the process of candidate selection in an instant by digitizing highly monotonous hiring activities, the manual completion of which typically requires numerous hours.


The recruiting system features much larger and comprehensive access to an organized candidate pool. Soon you will have a superior quality stream of talent at your disposal, and you will find their work experience relevant to the company’s requirements. If you are not using the applicant tracking software in your company and wasting precious moments examining piles of worthless resumes. For any successful company, the secret to success is hiring good talent. As soon as you shift to an ATS, your business is automatically streamlined which will help your business grow to unparalleled proportions.

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