How to improve Hiring Strategies for HR?

What are the ways in which the HR teams can bring transformations in their hiring strategies? Read to find out…

Nothing is more important for an organization to hire the right set of people because it is critical for the success of any organization to have the right people on-board. A bad hire that can cost a company thousands of rupees could also lead to various inefficiencies and incompetencies on the part of the entire workforce. Author and teacher Jim Collins calls hiring as “getting the right people on the bus”. Hence, it becomes very important to keep improving hiring strategies with time so as to achieve the best results. Transformations are an integral part of any hiring process. So the question arises here, how to improve the hiring strategies for HR?

Recruiting the right talent contributes to an organization’s growth and development over time. It facilitates carrying out tasks in the right way, by the right time, without the need to constantly watch out for mistakes. Without talent, an organization can’t transform. And without transformation, an organization can’t grow. No two organizations are the same, so it is not the standard rule applicable to all companies. So, there is a constant need for improvisation.

Let us go through a few ways to transform and improve hiring strategies for HR:

How to improve Hiring Strategies for HR?

Develop the goals, values, and missions for the organization

It is important for every business, whether small or large, to define the goals, visions, and missions of their organization and clearly lay them out before the applicant. It should be clear to the recruiters as to what they want to portray and to the candidates as to what is expected of them. There should be complete transparency.

Thoroughly interview candidates

HR teams across all organizations should use significant tools and softwares to read resumes and conduct proper interviews for candidates. An applicant tracking system that provides recruiters a very user-friendly solution for parsing resumes and finding the best fit as per the matching score would be the ideal approach to a thorough screening.

Carefully decide on the best one

HR teams should never rush their decisions on recruiting because it is better to take time in reaching a conclusion rather than hurrying it up and repenting later. A decision made hastily could lead to a loss of thousands of rupees for any company, which would go as sunk costs. Weigh various aspects before selecting one candidate.

Foster emotional commitment

Make sure that the new hires are emotionally invested in the work. They should be able to portray a commitment to their work while being rational at the same time. Find out what excites them, what motivates them, and what keeps them coming to work every day apart from paychecks. What is it that makes them proud of this work? Commitment is an integral aspect of how to improve the hiring strategies for HR

Include everything but the unwilling

A transformation strategy must always involve accepting the diversity of the workforce. It is not only important to have workplace unbiased but accept the diversity in experiences, potentials, and skills of the workforce. Companies that have a high level of inclusion are likely to recruit highly skilled and qualified people. However, exceptions always being there, the unwilling employees-those who resist change-that need the most attention. It is important to change them from “fixed mindsets” to “growth-oriented mindsets”.

Have recruiting coordinators on-board

It is always an advantageous move to have some recruiting coordinators with expertise in specific hiring areas in the HR team who can facilitate a hassle-free and efficient hiring process. They could design interview guides and schedules and think about every candidate they interacted with. It is important to have a team accountable for this.

Promote internal hiring

There is always a huge, unexplored talent-pool that is already existing within the current workforce of every organization. It is like an untapped source. Allowing for internal mobility enables the organization to cut down on additional costs for hiring and prevent going through all the stages of recruiting since they would already be dealing with known employees.

Sourcing through own ATS

An efficient ATS provides fast and unique solutions to HR departments across various businesses, whether large or small. It is always advisable to source recruitments through your own ATS so you can store them in your database and can go back to checking information whenever required. Using the own ATS fastens the process and makes it more efficient by allowing internal job-posting on multiple job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

Define the job position properly

Defining the job is essential for transforming screening and hiring processes. The goals and objectives outlined in the position description will allow the evaluation of talent effectively and to communicate clearly and precisely what the job expectations will be. Being clear and forthright with candidates regarding their responsibilities and how their success will be measured is an integral part of any hiring strategy.

Engage in departmental collaboration

Hiring is not a one-person task and requires the collaborative efforts of various departments within the team to foresee various operations. Teams like internal staff, training and development teams, and mostly the HR team require the deployment of resources for achieving transformation in the hiring process.

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