How to post jobs on Multiple Job Boards for the best results with AviaHire

With Aviahire, hiring is now made easy as recruiters can now post on multiple job boards and have a hassle-free recruiting process. Read further on how to post jobs on Multiple Job Boards

At AviaHire, we tend to bring the user experience to a level that minimizes the workload of the HR team. One such unique way to minimize the work of an HR personnel is by making the candidate sourcing process much simpler. Simpler to such an extent that with just a click of a button the user saves about 120 minutes of his/her time in creating a job opening and publishing across multiple job boards. Read further on how to post jobs on Multiple Job Boardsrds

How does the recruiter save so much time?

When a recruiter is looking for candidates to fill in their job openings they tend to publish jobs across multiple job boards individually. Posting a job on every job board takes time, a lot of time! Eventually posting a single job across various job boards takes hours to have a successful flow of candidates. That’s why recruiters should know how to post jobs on Multiple Job Boards

With AviaHire, you just post the job once and it goes live across multiple job boards!

So what’s new here?

AviaHire is proud to be integrated with the market-leading job boards across the globe. With the integrations with multiple job boards across the globe, it enables us to provide a consistent flow of candidates no matter where our client is located in.

This reduces the workload for recruiters as all they have to do is process candidates for the interviews. The whole sourcing process is simplified to one platform where the recruiter can see the source of each candidate as well as take actions in a uniform and standardized manner.

How does posting to multiple job boards help?

Finding the right candidate for the job opening is a tedious task in itself. And we at Aviahire believe that settling for someone who is not the right fit is always experimental. Aviahire’s feature of posting across multiple job boards gives the recruiter the option to have sufficient candidates to go through to find the right fit, without wasting time looking for the right candidate. Its always easier to find for the needle in a yarn than a haystack!

Which all job boards do we connect with?

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Job Boards integrated with AviaHire

Post jobs to these Major platforms directly from Aviahire

Glassdoor helps companies fill jobs quickly, with people who stay longer.

LinkedIn: Find the job you’re looking for with LinkedIn, the #1 job search and professional networking app.

Google: Posted jobs are automatically marked up to be discovered and displayed on Google Search.

ZipRecruiter is the #1 rated hiring site by employers in the U.S.

Adzuna: Operates in 16 countries worldwide and the UK.

Sercanto: Sercanto is a leading vertical search engine dedicated to job ads

Neuvoo: Neuvoo is a job search engine available in over 60 countries. centralize all jobs available on the web with own job search.

CareerJet: Careerjet is a leading online job search engine with a large presence worldwide, sourcing over 40 million job ads

AviaHire is proud to be integrated with various market-leading job sites across the globe. That’s why recruiters should know how to post jobs on Multiple Job Boards


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