How to Write a Job Posting to Attract More Candidates?

Writing job postings is indeed a challenging task. Here’s a 9-step guide for recruiters to write a job posting and attract more talent…

Job postings are the very first step in recruiting after deciding the roles that you want to recruit for. Writing the job posting correctly is crucial for the prospective candidates to gain a wider insight into the company and the post they’re applying for. Job-postings are the most-seen aspect of a company. One quick glance at a job posting sparks the candidate’s first impression of the company — and how the post is composed ultimately determines if the person will apply or keep scrolling. Some companies may make job postings a little too fun and creative, which can cause confusion about what the job actually is. Others may oversimplify them, leaving job seekers wanting more. Therefore it is important to make a job posting brief, yet informational so that it provides the right impression to the right candidates and helps increase the number of applicants. Here is a guide for recruiters on how to write a job posting to attract more candidates:

Job title

The first and most important component of a job posting is the “job title”, which is bound to grab the attention of most job-seeking candidates. It is advised to avoid any form of creativity or fun terms in this section because you don’t want to confuse your candidates. Avoid phrases like “excellent pay!” and “great opportunity!” in the title. All that should be here is the clearest, simplest job title you can manage. Also mention the type of employment in this- full time, part-time or internship, contract-based, etc

Suitable headline

This is the place to grab the candidate’s attention and also the first chance to express the employer’s brand. Including a question here can keep the candidate reading and keep his interest piqued. Try something like, “Ready to work in a place that actually cares about its employees?” or “Interested in working for a company that builds amazing things?” Include the job duration in this stage.

Company information

In this section, you get a chance to portray all that your company stands for and paint a picture before the candidate. The first paragraph is a good place to speak about your culture and values, as well as the meaning of the work you do. A brief introduction, yet inclusive of all information about the company that can help the candidate make an informed decision. It is also advised to include the website, LinkedIn, and other links where the company has a presence. It is important to maintain transparency.

Introduce the team

Now you should delve into what the team or department does. Why does it exist? How does it help the company? This should also be 3–4 sentences, and you can reuse this part for every job posting from this department. Introduce the department to the candidate, with a special focus on what and whom he/she would be dealing with if they make it to the company.

Introduce the role, duties, and responsibilities

Another crucial part of the job posting, make sure to include everything that is expected of the candidate, what his role would be in the company, and what work he would be responsible for doing. In 3–5 sentences, explain what role the job plays in the department, and ultimately, the company. There should be a bulleted list of tasks the candidate would work on day-to-day.

Mention the general and specific qualifications needed

This section will be your second set of bullets. Be aware of any legal requirements would go here. Only the most important requirements should be listed here. If you have too many, you could be missing out on great candidates who believe they aren’t qualified enough. It is also recommended that bullets in this section follow this formula:

“You will need (experience or skill) to (task or job) for (purpose or outcome). For example: “You will need to know Excel to build pivot tables that will identify new leads.”

Mention the perks of employment

While nearing the end of the job posting, make sure to mention the perks and benefits that this form of employment would bring. Include information with respect to the stipend, letter of recommendations, certificates, job offer, etc- whichever you intend to provide. There should be no confusion amongst the candidates regarding compensations and benefits.

Mention posting dates and last application date

It is always advisable to mention dates well in advance so candidates know when to apply and when the applications are supposed to close. Clearly stating application dates helps candidates chalk their applications well and also helps the company to stick to deadlines, following various other processes of interviewsjob offer, and onboarding.

No. of open positions

Clearly stating the number of open positions for the job and the number of candidates that have already applied helps the prospective candidates to review the position and their chances of getting hired. At times, it is possible that it may drive away a few good candidates. But mostly, it avoids irrelevant applications from flowing in and causing an application surge.

Writing a job posting is not an easy task. A lot of factors need to be considered before writing one. And most importantly, it has to be precise. A lot of information or very little information can both be a backdrop. However, once an ideal job posting is ready, you can post it on multiple job boards with the help of an Applicant Tracking software, that allows you to post jobs on multiple job boards all at once, increasing the candidate reach.

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