HR Stereotypes? We are breaking down 8 of them

For a very long time, HR departments have been facing the brunt of stereotyping from employees, managers, leaders, and people from other professions. Here in this blog we are debunking a few common HR stereotypes.

No one likes to be stereotyped. Each profession has its share of stereotypes and myths regarding it. Among professionals and professions, it is HR that has to face many of these stereotypes. Employees, managers, and leaders often perceive HR as the outsider department, the complaint department and some even call them the “principal’s office”. Modern HR is, however, working diligently to break down these misconceptions and proving to the corporate world that the HR department is all about striving to build strong morale workplaces that motivate and encourage employees.

Here in this blog, we are deconstructing the old myths and stereotypes about HR.

Principal’s office

HR is unfortunately considered a scary department. Once they step out of their office, employees anticipate someone getting fired. HR is so much more than hiring and firing. The HR does not consist of scary people waiting to fire you. This is a department that cares about the employees and helps them maintain a work-life balance. HR is here as a helping hand and a guide for managers and leaders.

Firing squad

As mentioned above HR is not about hiring and firing. Yes, they are the functions of HR, but the department provides so much more. HR helps ensure that everyone is attuned to the company vision and mission. HR tries to enquire about the problems happening in the workplace and seek solutions for them.

Guidance counselors

HR is not the place where you send employees who are behaving badly or disturbing the workplace morale. HR professionals are not the guidance counselors of an organization. HR managers and professionals are team builders and they help to establish the company culture.

Fun police

HR has always been seen as “the fun police”. They are viewed as strict, limiting, and not allowing any activities. The HR department is often seen as isolated from other departments and many employees have created a US VS them mentality.


Not only employees, but even managers see HR as an outsider. You shouldn’t be working around HR professionals but with them. HR is a tough job and they are not your enemy. They only want exactly what you want. To work productively and efficiently keeping in mind the company’s best interests.


Many people believe that HR hates technology. Many assume that HR hates innovation and changes, and out of fear they would fight the threat of disruption. Contrary to all this, HR would love new and groundbreaking innovations. They want good changes in the company, they want to be better in their jobs, and add more value to the company. Which HR professional wouldn’t want the latest technology that would make their administrative works easier? HR is one of the most forward-thinking departments.


Creativity has a place in HR. People often believe that there is no scope for creativity, inspiration, imagination, and ingenuity in HR. HR is here to answer your queries, provide guidance whenever necessary, and support you unconditionally. HR could be that place where the greatest of ideas bloom.

The Complaint Department

HR is not a center for complaints and queries. It isn’t the place where you go when there is an issue with receiving remuneration or other benefits. HR is a personable and friendly place for employees to go and discuss any problems. A good HR department can help boost employee morale.

Festival planners

We have seen jokes around how the only job a HR professional has is organising festivals and drawing rangolis. This is another myth. HR professionals are responsible for creating the balance between discipline and fun in the company.

HR works aren’t glamorous and it isn’t easy. Also called the ‘bearers of bad news’, employees should understand that the delivery of such bad news by HR could be forced by superiors. It is their responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the departments and hence they may have to take harsh decisions. HR professionals now use an Applicant Tracking System for a smooth hiring process. AviaHire provides an integrated Applicant Tracking Software that will provide you with an end-to-end recruitment solution. You can source, evaluate, attract and hire top talent at every stage of growth.

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