Performance Management System: AviaHire’s Solution to a Better Workplace

Read the blog to see what we have in store for you in our Performance Management System and what more are we planning to include.  

Hmm, so what is a Performance Management System? In simple words, a Performance Management System is a systematic approach to measure the performance of employees. This isn’t a recently build approach. Initially, many organizations used paper-based annual performance reviews. But it’s quite obvious how stressful and how difficult it is to manage such performance reviews. Companies have now embraced technology to resolve these issues.  

Presenting AviaHire’s Performance Management System  

AviaHire’s Performance Management System helps companies to effectively rate their employees across various metrics that are important for the organization. This software not only is an appraisal system, but also helps employees get better over time.  We, here at AviaHire, believe that growth is achieved by companies that align their people behind shared goals. If you are working to get everyone on the same page, AviaHire has got your back!  

What does our PRMS provide?  

With our Performance Management System, you can, 

  • Set up team and individual goals 
  • Collect performance reviews  
  • Conveniently collect appraisal information  
  • Export performance data 
  • Inform managers about performers  
  • Receive automated reminders 

Our PRMS provides your company with the below advantages:  

  • Helps in Reviewing Performance Periodically  

AviaHire’s PRMS allows for the systematic and timely performance review of employees in an automated manner. Managers can fill in review forms periodically so that adequate measures can be taken to give counseling or feedback to employees.  

  • Enhances Overall Productivity  

Once employees receive and understand the guidance about their problem areas they are able to work on their areas of improvement. The PRMS ensures clear communication between both parties. This leads to a massive increase in productivity in the long run. The PRMS also helps in identifying the weak performers and helps in setting up a time-lined improvement plan.  

  • Provides Timely Feedback  

Our PRMS enables managers to set automated reminders to fill in confidential feedback for employees so that there is an annual feedback system in place for the organization.  

  • Efficient reporting and analytics  

Our PRMS generates sophisticated reports that have the ability to help managers in important business decisions. Our automated data storage enables senior executives to easily track past performance records, and user-friendly tools help them create visual charts or graphs for in-depth analysis.  

And so much more! 

What’s next!  

What you have just read is the peripheral details of our growing project. Our PRMS is in the developmental phase. We have so much more coming up for our Performance Management System. Want a glance at it? 

  • Focus slot systems that remind employees to proactively block focus slots a week prior.  
  • Health initiative that prompts employees to walk at least 5 kms a day and other tasks.  
  • Milestone tracking and awareness 
  • Helping employees in becoming proactive rather than reactive  

To know more about our PRMS, check out our other blogs, posts, and social media. You can also write to us at to know more.  

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