Quintessential skills every HR manager must have

Plans to become an HR Manager? Watch out for these quintessential skills every HR must have. Read further to know more.

Human Resource is a discipline that requires leadership and management training necessary to build the skills that business executives are looking for. To grab the opportunities in the corporate world, HR practitioners must have a deeper understanding of the relevant areas and practical skills. Watch out for these quintessential skills every HR must have.

Technical Knowledge:

Now with the whole world going digital, HR professionals must adapt to the new and trendy technologies in the market. HR professionals are expected to handle a variety of areas from recruiting employees to retaining employees, these modern technologies make your tasks easier.

Whether it’s managing information on the cloud, HRIS knowledge (Human Resource Information Systems), or engaging people on social media, you as an HR manager are expected to know these tech skills and even more. Understanding which tools to use and how to use them right will help an HR in the longer run!

Some of the top technology every HR professional needs to know are

  • Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)

HRIS solution can help streamline various HR processes and tasks and reduce manual errors. Also, automating payroll processes to improve productivity and efficiency saves both time and money. Most information regarding hiring, performance evaluation, rewards, and benefits are registered in one or more HRIS

  • Talent Acquisition Software

Knowing how to use an Applicant Tracking System can be incredibly helpful for the recruiting and hiring process. With multiple job boards, career sites, video conferencing tools, social media platforms integrated into one software, it helps you find the best fit.

  • Cloud-based software

Centralization of business data helps the company to manage, access, and organize data without any hassle. A cloud-based system is great to achieve transparency and data security in the company hence every HR professional must be familiar with the policies, performance metrics, and the best practices of the cloud.

  • Gamification Techniques

Bringing a sense of competition and fun into recruitment and other HR functions improve collaboration, connection, and motivation. Adding a game to your organization’s careers page can enhance talent acquisition by creating interest and engagement among potential candidates. Having a fair knowledge of these techniques is vital in the HR world.

Great communication skills:

An HR manager has to be able to communicate what he wants from his team. Knowing how to be clear and precise with your expectations is what sets your team for success. Having said that, you are also expected to be a good listener. Therefore it is one of the quintessential skills every HR must have.

Sometimes, people who work for you often have a better idea to deal with company issues as they are the ones working on the ground level, acknowledging their ideas and suggesting improvements if required will motivate employees to be more creative in their space. Conveying to higher management about what you and your employees need will not only help you look good but will get work done faster.

Decision-making skills:

“To do great things is difficult, but to command great things is more difficult.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

This profession requires you to make a lot of decisions- Simple decisions like employee engagement programs and tough decisions like firing someone. Anyone who can rightly make these decisions can be considered as an effective manager. There is no running away from making decisions.

Being informative is most important in making decisions. Hence an HR manager should have his eyes and ears everywhere make concrete decisions.


“A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear.”

– Herb Kelleher

Knowing that your employees can approach you and you are there to resolve their queries and conflicts will help the employee to gain trust in you. The ability to be empathetic towards your employees and the ability to get to the root cause of the query or conflict will help you resolve issues fairly and run your company smoothly.

Maintaining a welcoming and friendly workspace is also a great way to engage and retain your employees. Making sure you keep your offices peaceful and team-oriented workforce, lets your employees know that they are important and valued in the organization. Therefore it is one of the quintessential skills every HR must have.

Collaborative mindset:

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles, but today it means getting along with people.”

-Mohandas K. Gandhi

Running a team requires you to assess your employee’s skillset and appoint the right people to the right jobs. However, an HR manager should understand and willingly step aside when he has a chance to let someone else shine or to admit that there is someone else who is better at a certain task. Therefore it is one of the quintessential skills every HR must have.

Being a manager is about leading a team and at the same time being a team player. A solid team player that everyone knows is working for the best of the team.

“The hardest challenge being an HR is that sometimes you have to be the LAWYER, the JUDGE, and the HANGMAN.”

– Hassan Choughari

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