Recruiting a Finance Professional? We, at AviaHire, Have Some Tips For You

Recruiting a finance professional requires extra care because of how elemental the finance department is. Read the blog to know what to keep in mind when hiring for your finance department.

Everyone knows how integral the accounting and finance department is. It is one of the most necessary and complex departments in any organization or company. Finance professionals use knowledge of finance, accounting, and tax laws to provide financial services. They also provide assistance with personal finances, corporate finances, and even both. Hence the good functioning of the finance department, is no doubt, integral for the company. So imagine how careful you should be in recruiting a finance professional. What should you look out for? What traits should you keep an eye out for?

Look out for the right combination of hard and soft skills in your candidates. Given below are the traits you should look for when recruiting a finance professional.

Innate Confidence

While hiring any professional, confidence is most definitely a coveted trait. Confidence is not arrogance. Look out for those who are self-confident and do not hesitate or waver on what they say or stand for.

Your new hires will be making financial decisions that could impact the company so you wouldn’t, for obvious reasons, hire someone who isn’t sure of themselves. See how they are answering your questions. Assess their body language. Non-verbal cues do give a lot about one’s personality.

Excellent Communicator

It would be a surprise if this soft skill didn’t have a place on this list. Having good communication skills is an essential soft skill any professional or employee would need to succeed in the workplace.

Your new hire should be able to communicate effectively with other departments, colleagues, and superiors. They should also be able to communicate well with customers and clients as well. This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Look for these skills when interviewing your candidates. Give them supposed situations to test their communication skills.

Natural Problem Solver

Finance professionals should be natural problem solvers. They are the ones the company relies on when there is a crisis. You need to choose a reliable person who can think and bring out solutions that are logical, practical, and innovative. Your accounting and finance team must consist of critical thinkers. Ask whether they have an experience with dealing with complex problems or give them a situation and ask them how they would go through with it. It is these soft skills that equip a person to face and deal with any trying situation in the best way possible.

Steadfast Ethics

You do not want a corrupt business for your company. It might be tempting for some to cut corners or engage in shady business to gain more profits or lessen the work. Many use black hat practices to buy more time or to get short-term gains.

Look for people with a clean record in this field and people who have strong business ethics. Your finance department members should not be willing to bend, twist, or break the rules. If anyone among your candidates expressed how they faced a situation where they stood on the moral ground instead of the other easier direction, then he/she should be your pick. Integrity is an important trait for the finance profession.


The workplace is unpredictable. Crises, mishaps, and changes come very suddenly. Finance professionals must be aware of the new tools, technologies, regulations, and expectations. An excellent finance professional demonstrates good adaptability and flexibility. He/she can adjust to changes with a level head. This trait can help protect your business when there is a crisis or slowdown.

Give them instances to see how they would prepare and adjust to a changed and difficult situation. Give them an idea of what is going on in your business and see how they would respond to it.

Keep in mind what you seek in your employees and look for those traits in your candidates. Look for someone with good experience and whom you think would fit well with your company culture. Remember to use an Applicant Tracking System for a smooth hiring process. AviaHire provides an integrated Applicant Tracking Software that will provide you with an end to end recruitment solution. You can source, evaluate, attract and hire top talent at every stage of growth.

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