Smart Recruiting with WhatsApp? What it is? And How it helps?

Smart Recruiting with WhatsApp? Read further to know how the most popular mobile messenger application in the world- WhatsApp can help in recruitment.

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide. For any Business, loads of potential candidates are available out there, and with WhatsApp, they are just a message away! But are the companies making most of this instant messaging app? Here is some context on why companies should leverage WhatsApp and how it can help recruiters. Hence Smart Recruiting with WhatsApp is the way!

Why WhatsApp integration?

Quick, safe and easy way to connect

When it comes to emails the recruiter has to wait for the candidate to reply, but with WhatsApp, you can ask the candidate to call if interested (adhering to GDPR compliances), which connects you instantly with the candidate. WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption built-in, which means any texts, photos, or videos exchanged between users are encrypted (scrambled code) and assumed to be secure between the people communicating. Not even WhatsApp can read, view, or listen to the chats, which gives users privacy and security. Hence Smart Recruiting with WhatsApp is the way!

Most popular messaging application in the world

With 1.5 billion active users, they’re highly engaged — the average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day. It’s a reliable way to communicate and share information on a secure, trusted platform which is the reason why 3 million organizations use WhatsApp Business to reach their clients or customers.


Well, the recruiter doesn’t have to pay to buy the application neither the candidate has to pay to install the application, it’s FREE! Even if your business is spread overseas you don’t have to pay for the active conversations all you need is a decent internet connection.

Rich network

Whatsapp also has capabilities that can help the recruiter engage candidates. The group can be a huge advantage and you create as many groups as you want. For example, the recruiter can tell a Python developer that he has a group on WhatsApp with other developers and if the developer is interested, the recruiter can add him. Hence, when a recruiter wants to hire a developer he can reach out to the group and the interested candidates can directly contact him.

How it helps recruiters?

Helps in building relationships

As WhatsApp is considered more of a private application that connects you to family and friends when a recruiter reaches out to a candidate on WhatsApp keeping his profile and phone number visible, it helps the recruiter to build trust between the recruiter and the candidate.

Also using applications like Truecaller, you can identify whether it’s an authenticated number or not. WhatsApp also allows you to send pdfs and documents so if the candidate is interested the recruiter can directly send a job description which not only helps with verification of the job offered but also helps in building a professional relationship. Hence Smart Recruiting with WhatsApp is the way!

One to one communication

When candidates are interested in the job profile the recruiter can directly talk to the candidate. With WhatsApp, communications go faster. The recruiter can also use the video-call functionality, if he has to schedule an interview, to see how the candidates carry themselves. Also, the freedom of remotely carrying out the interview process helps the organization to save money.

Based on the interest of your candidate, you can also personalize your messages. Compared to emails, WhatsApp has a personal touch to it and candidates tend to respond quickly increasing the efficiency of the recruiter.

Reach out to candidates with ease

With WhatsApp broadcast list you can add your contacts to that list and broadcast messages out to all in one go whilst making it look like you’re sending out individual messages to each person. There’s no limit to how many messages you can broadcast out to your lists. This is a great way to keep candidates engaged without spending too much time crafting regular individual messages. You can have up to 256 contacts in any one list, so you could build candidates lists like mini talent pools (based on industry and skillset, for example) and reach out to them with minimal effort.

WhatsApp integration with AviaHire

If you are ready to use WhatsApp as part of your talent acquisition strategy, AviaHire now offers WhatsApp for its communications and reminders. When a recruiter sends an email to the applicant regarding the interview process, an automatic notification(only if the recruiter opts) is also sent to the applicant’s WhatsApp for eg. “An email has been sent to your mentioned email id. Please check”. Talent professionals can use WhatsApp which is integrated with our applicant tracking software, AviaHire. Aviahire allows the recruiters to create the WhatsApp template as well. Templates are an easy way to create once and reuse at will.

Want to experience Aviahire in action and how WhatsApp is making the lives of recruiters easy, schedule a demo today.

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