The Best Google Hire alternative: AviaHire

Everyone’s talking about Google Hire shutting down and what about its existing customers? Which are the best alternatives of Google Hire should switch to? How will they migrate data from one ATS to another?

Are you one of them?? Well, you don’t have to worry… With Aviahire’s easy hiring you can source, evaluate, attract and hire top talent at every stage of growth and you can migrate your data from GoogleHire’s system or any other Application Tracking System(ATS) to AviaHire system.

Aviahire will provide you with end to end recruitment solution. It will help you hire qualified candidates faster and seamlessly integrates with Gmail / Business Mail, Calendar, and any other application that the company is currently using.

With AviaHire you have got everything under one roof for your recruitment solution.

Features of AviaHire

Application Tracking System

Aims to simplify your hiring process, by optimizing your career sites to google search so that more candidate candidates can see your jobs where they are already searching, aligning all candidates information at one place, migrating data from other applicant systems, quick, simple, smart interview scheduling and gather prompt feedback from interviewers for generating easy to use reports and analytics.

Recruitment Management System:

Will help to create, publish and manage job postings, you can ask candidates the right question which will help you to differentiate between the aspirational and qualified candidate, modify hiring stages according to your hiring process and gather structured interview feedback so that you can get a job-specific level of information.

Candidate Sourcing:

To attract top talents by creating a custom URL for job posting with a defined source(eg Monster), sourcing candidates from social media networks (eg LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and having a referral system to tap into your employee’s network.

Resume Screening:

Optimizing your application review process by parsing and deep searching applicants’ resumes so that candidate filtering becomes easy and rediscovering your archived candidates so that they aren’t stuck in your ATS blackhole are considered for new job openings as they are already familiar with the job and the organization.

Candidate Engagement and Offer Management:

Connecting your email box with AviaHire so that you don’t constantly switch between your email inbox and recruiting software, having a transparent communication and keeping everyone up to date. From scheduling interviews, to making offers everything is covered by this software.

Aviahire Mobile App:

Stay connected even when you are away, enable notifications so that you never miss an update and hire a superstar on the go.


Integration with job-boards, HRIS, Emails, Calendars, and Video Interviews Aviahire will help you to get more from your tool.

AviaHire: All  in One

Post jobs to these platforms directly from Aviahire

  • eQuest provides access to hundreds of job boards in 180 countries and territories.
  • Glassdoor helps companies fill jobs quickly, with people who stay longer.
  • Google: Posted jobs are automatically marked up to be discovered and displayed on Google Search.
  • Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month.
  • Monster is a global leader in connecting people and jobs.
  • ZipRecruiter is the #1 rated hiring site by employers in the U.S.

Get more from your tools with AviaHire

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
Schedule video interviews with Google Meet / Microsoft Teams
Schedule interviews will automatically sync to your Calendar, i.e Google, Outlook, MS Exchange, 365 Calender.
Schedule interviews will automatically sync to your Calendar, i.e Google, Outlook, MS Exchange, 365 Calender.
Recruit directly from your Email, Connect any of your emails client and will sync automatically for applicants.
Recruit directly from your Email, Connect any of your emails client and will sync automatically for applicants.

Send new hires from AviaHire to an HRIS for onboarding


Zenefits is a comprehensive suite of software for HR, payroll, benefits, performance management, time tracking, and more.


Appogee HR is dedicated to providing a simple suite of HR and Leave management solutions for small & medium businesses


Sapling automates HR workflows and empowers People Operations teams with connectivity, data, and insights on their global workforce.

Don’t trust us??? Hear it from our top clients…

Avihire Review
Aviahire review

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