Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions for Healthcare

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the recruiter looks for employees who are not only technically qualified but also have soft skills, empathy and compassion towards their patients, and other talents necessary to navigate the situation of uncertainty which they often face. Now that the opportunities in the healthcare sector are available recruiters who were reluctant to this sector are now in search of candidates. Hence we brought to you 10 Most Common Interview Questions for Healthcare.

Here we have listed out some questions for a recruiter to get started with that nerve-racking interviewing process.

1) What motivated you to enter the healthcare sector?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to analyze how dedicated and passionate you are about taking care of people by the stories you narrate to them. A right candidate will emphasize more on the empathy aspect and describe themselves as naturally caring people.

2) If the patient doesn’t cooperate with providing information how will you manage the situation?

The healthcare professionals are required to think on their feet and display their decision-making skills in time-sensitive scenarios. Candidates are expected to narrate the stories that display your bold decision making when under pressure.

3) How will you commute bad news to the patient concerning their health?

The interviewer wants to check the candidate’s interpersonal skills and compassion for others. This includes how the healthcare professional communicates with the patient and their loved ones, how he explains them the situation and the facts about the patient’s conditions, and how he ensures that all the questions in the room are answered.

4) How do you stay updated with healthcare advancement?

The interviewer expects the recent certifications and courses done by the candidate which are currently relevant in the market and separates him from the rest. If the candidate hasn’t taken any courses or certification he can talk about how reading newspapers, specific journals, research papers, and interviews helped him to stay updated with healthcare advancements.

5) What do you find most rewarding in this job?

A continuous strive towards the better health of their patients is what a candidate should aim for when asked this question. Being a healthcare professional is a selfless job and making an impact on a patient’s life is what is expected from the candidate. Hence it is one of the 10 Most Common Interview Questions for Healthcare.

6) What according to you is the most difficult thing about being a healthcare provider?

Your answer to this question will reveal how candidates manage and how vocal candidate is about the difficulties in your professional life. The interviewer expects the candidate to tell a story related to the healthcare sector like how they felt when they lost one of their patients, how they coped with it, and what stress management techniques they used to overcome the difficulty.

7) How do you manage to handle the stress that comes with this job?

Stress is something that comes in a package with your job, what interests the interviewer is how a candidate as a healthcare professional will handle it. They need to highlight the stories and experiences that helped them to stay focused and calm like making to-do lists, checklist, planning, and prioritizing your work.

8) How do you plan to balance the increased risk to yourself?

The novel coronavirus has exposed healthcare professionals to lots of risks and challenges to their professional safety. In response to this question, the candidates should be able to explain their ability to examine, assess, and react to the risk as it occurs within the protocols and regulations of the organization.

9) Describe a time when you had difficulty with a patient and how did you resolve it?

Sometimes patients become quite stubborn, refusing their treatment and medications. A qualified healthcare professional should be able to act properly and deal with this situation. Candidates can share their experience displaying professionalism and how they dealt with such patients.

10) Did you experience any emergency situation? How did you handle it?

Candidates are expected to narrate a methodical approach to emergency care and walk the interviewer through their process of responding to an emergency. The interviewer looks out for the details of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses while he answers this question.

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