Top Myths about Applicant Tracking System that you need to know

It is time to clear up some top myths about Applicant Tracking System and reveal the truth.

Today, technology is arising in almost all sectors — be it education or marketing. Similarly, the recruitment field is not lagging behind either. The Applicant Tracking System(ATS), is said to cover most of the recruitment process right from receiving candidate applications from various job boards to closing up the job post upon successful onboarding of the required candidates. It is time to uncover some top myths about Applicant Tracking System.

Nonetheless, despite having so many advantages, the ATS is not used by many Human Resource Professionals. There are some myths in the minds of hiring managers regarding the applicant tracking systems which need to be cleared.

Its time to clear up some common ATS myths and reveal the truth.

Myth One: All ATS are the same

Every ATS is different from one another, be it in functionalities, features, or aspects. There are no “one-size-fits-all” criteria in an Application Tracking System, so it is easier for you to choose the ATS that fits well with your organization. Applicant Tracking System Market ecosystem comprises service providers, such as AviaHire.

Myth Two: Applicant Tracking Systems are just Databases for Job Applications

ATS is much more than mere databases. Managing your talent pipeline is a high priority when you are looking for suitable candidates. A solid ATS helps you draw out passive candidates and run a more efficient hiring process across the dashboard. It helps you channelize the candidates according to the firm’s selection process.

Myth Three: ATS are job boards

Do not confuse ATS to Job Boards, the latter is made only for posting open positions in the companies, whereas an ATS deals with the entire process of recruitment, from job posting to candidate selection. Also, with the help of AviaHire ATS, Human Resource Managers can post to Multiple Job Boards with a click of a button.

Myth Four: ATS is not suitable for small businesses.

The common misconception is that an ATS, is only meant for large firms, but almost any business could benefit from using one. Don’t assume they’re too expensive either. ATS comes with varying features, fees, and payment options so anyone can afford them. Companies should follow the Right steps to choose the choose ATS to meet their own needs for it to be worthwhile. Hence it is one of the top myths about Applicant Tracking System.

Myth Five: An Applicant Tracking System is time-consuming to implement

Yes, getting started with any new system will take time. First, make sure the system has a modern User Interface also since you will not be able to drop everything else to implement an ATS, be sure to choose one that offers the training and support your HR team needs. In most cases, you should have your ATS up, running, and live within a week.

Myth Six: An Applicant Tracking System Will Disrupt Our Other Software

No, it won’t. Choosing a web-based ATS means that your other regular processes are undisturbed also if you purchase a SaaS-based system. There is no software to install; the application exists on the cloud.

AviaHire’ ATS can smoothly integrate with the firm’s existing human resource information system (HRIS) software that provides a centralized repository of employee master data that the human resource management (HRM) needs.

Myth Seven: Applicant Tracking Systems Are Expensive

Organizations can observe considerable amounts of savings after implementing an ATS, such as a reduction in time to hire and cost per hire. Many organizations also reduce their revenue allotted to recruitment simply by hiring more effectively using ATS. A system’s pricing model should align with your hiring needs, and pricing should scale with your growth.


Your ATS enhances your HR staff’s ability to focus on the most important matters, like protecting your firm’s culture, evaluating hiring analytics and making appropriate adaptations to hiring practices, and onboarding candidates successfully. ATS vary, like any application or OS, some will suit you better than others while others won’t, depending on your organization and workforce. If you perform your due thoroughness and assess several systems, you’ll find your best choice, just like with job applicants.

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Suchismita Panda