What are the Best Modern Recruitment Techniques?

There’s been a drastic change from the traditional job posting websites to an innovative way of modern recruitment techniques. Let’s take a look at some of these modern methods.

Technology has altered how candidates go about applying to jobs, which means the modern recruiters have had to adjust their tactics to find and hire the best talent. Today’s recruiters aren’t just recruiters: They’re also marketers, content creators, social media experts, and tech experts. Let’s take a look at some of these modern recruitment techniques.

There are mainly two broad types of recruiters — traditional and modern. The first type provided companies with great candidates over the years, but it has its pitfalls. With the advent of technology, modern recruiters’ methods have leveled up, which are opening new channels and ways of recruiting.

Let us first look into what are these traditional recruiting techniques:

  • Newspapers — A vast segment of people read the paper, and it has been one of the oldest means of posing a job vacancy.
  • Internal hiring — Relying on existing employee’s potential is easy and time tested. Hence hiring one of their own to fill a higher position is a great choice.
  • Local employment office — Putting up your job in a local employment office will get a wide range of people to read your post and apply for it.
  • Temp agencies — This is still one of the most used methods. You make use of a temporary employment agency to shortlist and find good potential candidates for your company.
  • Connection: In the old days of recruiting, it was all about people making connections, networking, talking, and making deals.

Modern Recruiter’s Techniques

1. Get smart on the talent pool

Modern recruiters don’t fly blind. They source strategically by assessing the data first. Before you dive into your candidate search, get a bird’s-eye view of the talent pool. Knowing what you’re dealing with helps you. Targeting candidates with tempting new possibilities — such as a higher wage and more responsibility — may be enough to gain their interest. The popularity of securing “passive” candidates has shot up in recent years, as it can help to target workers who aren’t jumping from role to role.

2. Video Conferencing

Using video in the hiring process could save time and travel costs as well as create an opportunity for more decision-makers to see the candidate. Video interviews are not new in the recruitment world, but over the last few years, we have seen an increase in their use. It’s a worthy recruitment technique, particularly because it can be used to tests various sets of skills within the candidate. Hence it is one of the modern recruitment techniques.

3. Social media 2.0

If you are recruiting in 2020, you’re already using social media in some form. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are now part and parcel of recruiting. It’s important to start utilizing your current networks for more than sharing job ads. Social media is your opportunity to create the employer branding, show the world that you’re an expert recruiter and you understand the industries you’re recruiting for. Join communities with the right people and you could see a whole new ROI from social media.

4. Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to recruiting techniques, AI is already playing a huge role in the way businesses find new talent. A modern recruiter knows how to make the most of AI in recruiting, either by using a modern-day ATS or chatbots.

Chatbots — Quickly access candidates, secure suitable candidates, and can direct them to the right role. They’re a reactive way of dealing with the mass of excellent talent — already powerful, they have the potential to save recruiters a lot of time.

Sentiment analysis — Can be used to adjust job specs in the event of biased or off-putting language.

Talent rediscovery — With an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), AI can scan your existing talent pool and find previous candidates who fit the bill.

5. Employer review sites

Emerging on the recruitment scene is this job searching and, crucially, company reviewing platform. Now former or current staff can review a business/firm. Sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and other employer review sites are becoming increasingly popular.

It could become the go-to source for many younger workers looking for insightful details about what it’s like working for your business. Do they get paid for overtime? What’s the work/personal life balance like? All can now be revealed, so it’s a good time to iron out any lingering foibles in your businesses’ daily workings.

6. Use of Data Analytics Tools

Many modern recruiters and hiring managers use data analytics to study various KPIs and data metrics of hiring processes. As such, with a lack of data in the system, modern recruiter’s productivity can be destroyed because they can’t easily prioritize their day to day actions nor professionally drive appropriate follow-up with each candidate. The modern system generates meaningful data as it relates to Hiring Budget, Hiring Velocity, or Hiring Quality, which is useful for the modern recruiter.

7. Great Onboarding Process

But you might be surprised to learn that data from the consulting firm BCG, shows that onboarding ranks second (after recruiting) with the second-highest business impact of all of the 22 HR practices. Hence it is one of the modern recruitment techniques. Onboarding managers in big companies are different from hiring managers. The onboarding manager tasks are:

Pre-onboarding — this works once a new employee signs their offer letter and ends on their start day.

Orientation — the organized phase of onboarding that gets new employees through all the required material.

First assignments — the first few projects that help employees start with their work.

Ongoing support — long-term support helps the employee gets fully integrated into the team.

In short

Recruiting has never been as challenging as well as exciting as it is today. If you want to get the best candidates, you need to be creative and innovative in various recruitment methods. If you aren’t using most of the modern techniques then you need to revamp yourself! Doing so shows potential applicants that you’re an exciting company to work for, that you embrace technology and that you attach great value to the candidate experience even before they are a part of the company. Use these seven recruitment methods of a modern recruiter to get inspired.

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