What are the Best Online Sourcing Tools in Recruitment You Need in 2021

Read the blog to know the best online sourcing tools in recruitment that you would need in 2021.

Before diving into the best online sourcing tools in recruitment, let’s know a little about sourcing. What is sourcing? Sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. It is the initial part of recruiting. Recruiters, in their search for qualified candidates for the open job orders, go through this process. Sourcing is an integral part of a company’s overall hiring and talent acquisition strategy.

Many recruiters struggle in the process of sourcing candidates. With so many candidates with a diverse range of talents and potential, it becomes even more challenging for recruiters and hiring managers to choose the right candidate for the job. So here are a few online sourcing tools that recruiters and HR managers can use to source the best talent in the talent pool.


Hiretual was named as the 2018 Product of the Year for Recruiting and HR. It is a free candidate sourcing tool that is built especially for junior recruiters. It also has an AI sourcing assistant that works on whatever sourcing tasks being assigned. With Hiretual, recruiters can create Boolean strings about specific jobs or on candidate’s details. Hiretual combines talent pools, ATSresume databases, job boards, and open web sourcing. Recruiters can also integrate their email account into Hiretual without any struggle.


Slack is not only an excellent tool for communication purposes, but recruiters and hiring managers can also find ideal candidates for open job positions through this platform. The software simplifies and optimizes the hiring process by yielding promising results in less time. It helps streamline the hiring plans, monitor progress, and ensures that the recruitment team stays on task and in the loop at all times. Recruiters can reach out to hundreds of talented candidates by becoming a part of the local or international Slack channel network. Slack also integrates with other sourcing tools available in the recruitment software market like Hello TalentRecruitee, and GitHub.


Recruiters can find private contact details of candidates such as their phone numbers and email IDs from different social media platforms through this browser extension. If the potential candidate does not have any contact information available online, there is a feature of a ‘waiting list’ where recruiters can add their profile so that Improver could notify them when their details become available. Another good feature is the AI Assistant that works within LinkedIn to screen candidate profiles and match them to open jobs.


AngelList allows hiring managers and recruiters to connect with candidates easily and enables them to post jobs. Recruiters can easily find the personal contact information of suitable job candidates. The tools also give candidates access to details about the recruiters. There is also a feature of filtering candidates before they forward their applications for various jobs.


Many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Nestle, PWC use this sourcing tool. Contactout is another Chrome browser extension that helps recruiters find the phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details of job candidates. The search feature helps recruiters in finding a large number of candidates on different social networks like LinkedIn etc. This tool can be used to contact multiple prospective candidates at the same time.


Shapr connects recruiters and hiring managers with professionals and candidates on matching interests and career goals. Recruiters can expand their network and start conversations with candidates. Members can also join or create communities on Shapr to meet people from the same organization, association, or with shared interests.


These sourcing tools can give recruiters the upper hand in sourcing the best candidates, especially in this very competitive job market. Each tool provides specific benefits. The advice is to use more than three or four to streamline the sourcing efforts. This will make it easier to find, engage, and place candidates. Such tools are also a great way to help recruiters find passive candidates and discover hidden talents in the talent pool.

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