What is it that candidates want from their recruiters?

Here’s a glimpse of what candidates want and expect from their potential recruiters!

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, almost 58% of the subjects in the US, who were mostly job seekers, said that they wanted their employers to communicate regularly during the application and hiring process. In fact, most employees and candidates across the world prefer their recruiters to behave in a certain way and have some expectations from them. Meeting the expectations of the candidates can prove to be very beneficial for employers in the long run, as it helps them improve employer-employee relations.

However, as most recruiters would face the dilemma of if it needs to be something very huge. Small, everyday things can go a long way in keeping employees happy and satisfied. Traditionally, candidates made career decisions based on their interest in good pay and benefit programs. Now, these things are offered by almost all employers, so candidates need more incentive and information to make the decision of who to work for. Once the decision is made, that company must work harder than ever to retain that employee for the long-term. This is advantageous for both the company and the employee, who tend to be happier and thus, more productive during their tenure.

So, what do candidates want from their Employer of Choice, in addition to good pay and benefits? Here is a list of things that every employer needs to know

What is it that candidates want from their recruiters?

Clear and efficient communication

Candidates always want their employers to make effective communication with them, convey the good and bad, and provide invaluable feedback whenever necessary. They don’t like it when their employers don’t convey important information to them and they feel left out. So to instill a sense of inclusion and belongingness amongst their candidates, employers need to communicate with them openly.

Clearly lay down expectations

Employers should make it clear to the candidates what is expected from them work in terms of achieving targets and coming up with results. This helps candidates prepare well for the hiring process as well and avoids any miscommunication between the two parties. Applicant tracking software makes this task easy for recruiters and candidates know what is expected of them.

Provide proper feedback

Be it the candidates or employees, everyone likes it when they are provided with proper feedback for their work and helps them improvise on the job done. Even candidates that weren’t selected or employees who aren’t as successful as others, honest and invaluable feedback is appreciated by all.

Flexible work

The 9-to-5 or 10–6 work hours might sometimes become hectic. Candidates these days crave a work-life balance, which means employers need to implement more flexibility into work schedules. Flexible hours, remote work opportunities, and unlimited paid time off are just a few of the things that are attractive to the newer workforce.

Maintain transparency

Candidates appreciate it when their employers maintain transparency in the hiring and interview processes. A work environment that encourages transparency is very attractive to them. Honest and open communication fosters feedback from their managers and colleagues and generates new ideas.

Appreciate them often

Recognizing employees for a job well done is a great way to keep them happy. It can also help attract other employees to your organization. Showing employee appreciation can be done in different ways, whether it’s giving extra time off, making a public company announcement, or hosting a special employee event.

Assist in career development

From tuition reimbursement to onsite training, professional development opportunities that allow employees to advance their careers are particularly desirable to young job candidates. If you make an investment in their personal growth, they’re more likely to remain a committed employee.

Make them feel inclusive

In this decade of rising tensions amongst individuals from different parts of the world, it is very important to make employees feel inclusive and at home in their office. Almost two-thirds of job-seekers say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating job offers. Inclusion is important for the candidates as it does not allow them to feel left out.

It is important that the candidates you hire have a good experience in your company. Once again, having the help of technology to automate some of the more mundane parts of onboarding can help get new hires up-to-speed quickly and allow employees to accept the new form of the working environment and the new people, ultimately leading to a healthy employer-employee relationship.

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