Why should festivals be celebrated at the workplace?

Celebrating festivals at work encourages motivation and promotes team building at your workplace. Read more to find out why you should celebrate festivals at your workplace.

Festivals are an important aspect of everyone’s life, be it at home with families or at the workplace with your colleagues- they just can’t be missed. Festivals are a unique opportunity for every company to promote motivation among employees and boost their morale. An increased motivation and morale leads to the increase of productivity and team building behaviors. Festivals can be of a wide range- from traditional festivals of your country to internationally celebrated festivals. And just as much your employees would enjoy a celebration at their workplace, festivals are also a great chance for the Human Resource Departments of your organizations. The HR sees festivals as opportunities to engage employees in a proactive and incremental way. Read on further to find out more about why festivals should be celebrated at the workplace.

A shift from monotony

The major reason why celebrating festivals at offices work is its informal environment. Celebrations at a workplace can provide a great change from the monotony of everyday work routine. Employees can have a good time and return to work the next day with a fresh mind. This not only helps them enjoy a change, but also contributes significantly to improving their work-life balance, which in turn boosts their effectiveness as well. After all, which company doesn’t love a happy and healthy workforce at the same time?

Enhances employee engagement

The celebrations shatter the myth that senior leaders or managers are not fun to be with. Employees believe that this helps in easy accessibility of their senior managers. It’s a level playing field. There are instances where senior managers, who are otherwise known as no-nonsense personnel, engage themselves in some silly chats/talks or even crack jokes. Inviting families of employees for a festival, conducting icebreaker games, socializing together helps employees know each other better. When the rapport between employees improves, it results in better ideas as well as more employee engagement.

Boosts employee morale

Celebrating festivals at the workplace also helps boost your employees’ morale significantly. While it is crucial to have self-motivated employees, organizations should also plan events periodically with the intention of uplifting employee morale. Celebrations of festivals can be a great way to do that.

A chance to bond and make friends

Because the HR looks after all the departmental processes; they are usually believed to be neutral. The celebration helps in inter-departmental bonding. Normally, each department has absolutely no direct work-based connections, except for common events. And inter-departmental events are sometimes difficult to pull through because of hosts of issues, like incompatibility among colleagues, different work methods etc. Keeping these issues in mind, the HR department hosts common festival games where teams with different departmental employees enlist. Teams, which otherwise do not need to communicate much with each other, now have the festival as a connecting link to break ice & interact, making it all the more important that festivals should be celebrated in the workplace.

Opportunity for announcements

New recruits, including freshers, have the strong desire to blend in. These celebrations are a perfect way to do that. Employees get the chance of meeting a new person, and because it’s informal the induction process becomes easier to comprehend. Some tips by experienced employees regarding the organizational processes immediately give the new ones a strong sense of belonging. Also, management can use the festival celebration at the office as an opportunity to make welcome announcements. This makes the office environment even more positive and boosts employee morale further.

Helps recognize hidden talents

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO rightly pointed out that time and attention are getting scarce. In this complex world where work has become too mechanical, the celebrations come as a stress-buster. While conducting activities & games, a lot of hidden talent gets revealed. Some employees might turn out to be a movie geek while someone might be a talented musician; even behavioral skills like initiative or communication, which are otherwise not realized while working, might get revealed during such events.

In Short

Celebrating festivals at the workplace is a great relief from monotony. It allows employees to feel more connected to each other and to the organization as well, which is all the more a reason as to why should festivals be celebrated in the workplace. It’s the time when employees freely engage in informal games, are excited about the prizes/gifts, and find it almost therapeutic to take part in them. So plan the festivals at your workplace, and enjoy the celebrations!

Happy Festivities!

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