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With the right strategy and technology, new hires are set up to become productive and active members of the company faster and are immediately ingrained in the company culture.

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Build a hiring experience that starts from the moment of offer acceptance

Design a Personalized welcome experience

Automate task execution for administrative actions

Organize important company resources

Lay a consistent framework for your Onboarding process

Improve your processes with insightful reports and new hire feedback

Evaluate your Onboarding performance

Team Collaborations

Integrate new team members faster

Start onboarding new hires before their first day. Provide an organized hub of useful resources. Introduce team members and help familiarize new hires with company culture and policies.

Impressive Benchmarks

Get organized and keep everyone informed

Develop a consistent plan that brings structure to your onboarding process. Predetermine which actions need to be completed for employees in each office, by role and team. Get your internal teams on the same page so each person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated tasks and reminders.

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Improve Productivity

Complete administrative tasks quickly and easily

Automate the logistics of the onboarding process so you can focus on giving new hires a great experience and set them up for success. Define and manage your operations – set onboarding tasks for specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other criteria. Assign owners, notifications and automatic reminders for easy task completion.

Improve Productivity

Evaluate your onboarding performance

Gather feedback from new hires and pull reports to find areas of improvement. Make adjustments to continuously improve the process. Work efficiently with hiring managers and department leads to make sure all new hires have everything they need for onboarding.

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