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Source and Attract

Spread the news of your open positions far and wide by sharing it on your favorite social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. From communicating the right values in your job ads to onboarding the candidates properly, the recruitment strategies you use can make or break your hiring process. Talent sourcing is therefore the starting point of the recruitment process and an essential element of building a robust talent pipeline.

Manage and Schedule

Collaborate with the hiring team to build out robust candidate profiles with details throughout the interview process. Engage your team about a candidate by @mentioning specific team members in comments! It is easy to add Interviewers and speed up your scheduling process. See interviewers’ schedules all at once and adjust the duration. Interviews are synced to Google / Outlook Calendar, with calendar invites of your choice sent to each interviewer and Candidates. Also, RSVPs are visible at a single glance.

Interview and Evaluate

Make your recruitment management process more efficient by including an application form with every job posting. By asking specific questions that cover areas that all candidates might not necessarily include in their resume, you can easily separate the truly qualified from the aspirational and speed up your hiring process. Also, AviaHire is integrated with Hackerrank and iMocha that provides you seamless hiring experience.

Offer and Hire

Upload offer letter templates and generate offers, right from AviaHire ATS. You can also customize the offer fields to make sure all the necessary information is getting captured. Candidate decisions- yay or nay - can be recorded in AviaHire as well for a complete context regarding a candidate's interaction with a company. Whenever you want a quick and clear overview of who has taken action and who hasn’t, you are able to follow up with team members or candidates.

Report and Analyse

AviaHire provides custom reports about candidate pipeline, source efficiency, disposition reasons, and time to hire. With one click, you can export the data to CSV/XLS. Need to transition data from a legacy system? We’ve got you covered. The Customer Success team will work with you to migrate your data from a prior ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place. This service is free for most organizations!

Gather Structured Interview Feedback

Submit feedback from any device without logging into the AviaHire ATS. Whether you’re taking notes or entering feedback, you can see the candidate’s resume and job description while you work. Interviewers gain access to feedback from teammates only after they submit their own, which reduces groupthinking and bias.

Hire Seamlessly with AviaHire

Go beyond just applicants

Top candidates no longer just apply. Find and hire the right people for your company with powerful sourcing tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

Recruit Humans, Not Resumes

Get up to speed on any candidate in a blink, with a single historical record per person. No more clicking around to get the full picture.

Grow your talent database

New requisition? Fill your pipeline right away with candidates you already know, so you can get to interviewing faster.

Delight your candidate

Give candidates the hiring experience they deserve (and expect!) with beautiful careers pages and a one-page, mobile-friendly application.

Fall in love with better scheduling

Schedule interviews in minutes, not days. Let candidates book the time for 1:1 interviews, and schedule complex, back-to-back panels on one magical page.

Meet your hiring managers where they work

Remove communication bottlenecks and arrive at hired faster than ever. Let hiring managers review candidates, leave feedback, and approve offers right from email.

Optimize every aspect of your hiring with AviaHire

Master your to-do list

Start every day knowing exactly what you need to do, with tasks for reviewing candidates, scheduling and rescheduling, leaving feedback, and more, built right into your candidate dashboard.

Make great hiring decisions and reduce bias

Structure your interviews with robust and customizable interview kits, so you can collect all the information you need to make confident and unbiased hiring decisions.

Drive improvements with data, not your gut

Be the data-driven expert your executives rely on, with out-of-the-box and customizable reports on key metrics, including source of hire, time to hire, conversion rates, and more.

Hire for what’s next.

Your company’s ability to hire great talent is as important as ever. Whether you need to scale your team quickly or improve your hiring process, AviaHire gives you the right technology support to take on what’s next.

Built for Recruiters, Trusted by businesses

Scaled to Business Sizes

AviaHire helps businesses of every size and hiring need, from fast-growing startups to sophisticated global enterprises.

Simplified Pricing

Using AviaHire, you only pay for what you use. As you scale, we work with you to design volume and commitment based discounts.

No Latency

Latency is a thing of the past, we provide blazing responses regardless of the enormity and complexity of your data.

Industry-leading attention to detail

Structure your interviews with robust and customizable interview kits, so you can collect all the information you need to make confident and unbiased hiring decisions.


Create inspiring, personalized candidate experiences that bring the best talent right to your door.


Automatically identify top candidates and connect with them in the right place, at the right time.


Simplify interview management, offers, and onboarding with transformative AI-powered capabilities.


Support internal mobility by making it easier for employees to find their next position.

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