HR Glossary



What is Time-to-Fill?  Time-to-fill is a metric that measures the average number of days it takes to fill a position. It measures the time between the job requisition and the job acceptance.  


What is Upskilling?  Upskilling is the process of investing in the training of employees so as to develop new skills in them. It is the process of elevating the existing skills to the next level.   Benefits of upskilling employees  … Read More

Work-Life Balance

What is Work-Life Balance?   Work-life balance is the balance between an employee’s personal and professional life. A lot of individuals are suffering from a poor work-life balance and they don’t even know it. Whether employers or employees, everyone tends … Read More


What is Time-to-Hire?  Time-to-hire is a key metric used by HR departments. It refers to the amount of time between a candidate’s initial contact with the company and their acceptance of the job offer. HR managers can be aware of … Read More

Talent Management

What is Talent Management?  Talent management is a system that organizations use to check and ensure that it has the right employees in the right positions to help in achieving the company’s goals and aspirations. This system conducts many functions … Read More


What are Wages?   Wages are the monetary compensation given to employees. They are paid on the amount of time the employee has worked.  

Talent Acquisition

What is Talent Acquisition?   Talent acquisition is the process of seeking, sourcing, and attracting people with essential skills or talent to fill an organization’s needs. Talent acquisition includes the planning and posting of job openings as we all the … Read More


What is Sourcing?  Sourcing refers to the process of identifying, contacting, and engaging qualified candidates for a job opening. Sourcing is a part of talent acquisition. The primary goal of sourcing is to identify and attract qualified candidates, including passive … Read More

Social Media Recruiting

What is Social Media Recruiting?  Social media recruiting is the process of utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc to share openings in the organization, network with professionals and candidates, and research and source potential employees.   … Read More

Skills Gap

What is Skills Gap?  Skills gap refers to the differences between the skills an employer expects from their employee and the actual skills the employee has.

Retention Strategy

What is a Retention Strategy?   Retention strategy is a plan that organizations develop and execute to reduce employee turnover, increase employee retention, improve employee experience, and foster employee engagement. Building a retention strategy can help in preventing voluntary turnover … Read More

Recruiting Software

What is Recruiting Software?   Recruiting software helps organizations in optimizing and streamline their hiring processes. They help in sourcing and attacking candidates, screening resumes, tracking applicants, and sending out offer letters. Recruiting software includes the Applicant Tracking System among … Read More

Performance Review

What is a Performance Review?   A performance review is a formal assessment of an employee’s work performance by the employer or manager. This review helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, offers feedback and sets goals … Read More

Performance Management

What is Performance Management?  Performance Management is a systematic approach to measuring the performance of employees. This isn’t a recently built approach. Initially, many organizations used paper-based annual performance reviews. But it’s quite obvious how stressful and how difficult it is to manage such performance reviews. Companies have now embraced technology to resolve … Read More


What is a Payroll?   Payroll is a list that consists of all the employees the organization is paying along with their salaries or hourly rate at which these employees are being paid.