5 Reasons to use Video Interviews in your Hiring Process

Some companies are familiar with the video interviewing process and have established a comfort level with the software whereas there are some companies that are finding it quite difficult to adapt to the new video interviewing technologies and the process. With advancements in technology, the interviewing and evaluation standard of the industry has evolved drastically. Companies have started conducting their own assessment for the skills of the candidate. This not only helps the company find the right candidate it also gives the candidate an idea of where to improve on. Download and read to find out the 5 reasons to use video interviews in your hiring process.

With advancements in technology, the hiring system of the industry has evolved drastically. In the past, companies had to conduct interviews in a supreme way as the availability of qualified candidates in the market was scarce. And to find the right candidate to agree to an interview in itself was an achievement. As of 2020, the tables have completely turned. Where an interview was given such high importance by both the candidate and the recruitment team, now does not see the same importance because the statistics have changed. The talent is available in the market, all the recruitment teams now need to do is filter out the right ones by interviewing them in an efficient manner, financially as well as with respect to the time constraints.

Thus, comes in Video Conferencing. There are various advantages of using video conferences in your hiring process. At AviaHire, we tend to bring the user experience to a level that minimizes the workload of the HR team. One such unique way to minimize the work of an HR personnel is by making the interview scheduling process much simpler. Simpler to such an extent that with just a click of a button the user saves about 30 minutes of his/her time in just scheduling an interview. Folks at AviaHire have managed to nail all the market’s requirements all in one product. These 5 reasons to use video interviews in your hiring process gives HR teams the flexibility to have multiple options to choose from.

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