5 Steps for Hiring & building a Remote Culture

In the E-book, you will find the 5 Steps for hiring and building a remote culture that when done right, will succeed in your company from day one. In the end, you will learn to create a remote-friendly workplace that attracts and retains the talent for your company. Many companies at a point have to make a few modifications in the work culture. As the workplace for most of the companies is changing dramatically, they will have to adapt or make some roles remote. However, there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account while understanding the 5  steps for hiring and building a remote culture.

Before diving into any change, take this time to first review the current hiring process. Consistency is critical when going Remote. When you have set a clear standard for the team to follow, it is likely you will get more out of them because it takes away any confusion or uncertainty. That way, the HR team can experience turnover, and maintain a consistent process across all Jobs. When forecasting hiring needs, the most important thing is to understand where your firm is today and set goals on where you’d like to be in the future. But this can’t be just done by the HR team alone! Even though “flexible location” seems like a tempting and highly coveted benefit, it’s not a good fit for every role in the company.

Virtual onboarding is very similar to traditional in-person onboarding. It gives your new employees an overview of your company, mission, values, business goals, etc.—the only difference is that these sessions are held virtually. When remote teams communicate well and leverage their strengths, they can actually gain an advantage over co-located teams. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used across all levels of an organization to measure productivity, performance, and efficiency. Keep KPI’s simple and straightforward. 


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