5 Steps to build a Remote Culture

The workplace for most of the companies is changing dramatically, and it is very important the there are few modifications in the work culture of these companies. Work from home created quite a buzz with some companies acing it while some companies still trying to find their fit. Creating a smart virtual environment can help the company to retain its top talent, develop a feeling of trust between its employees and the company also improving employee satisfaction. Find out the 5 steps to build a remote culture.

Culture isn’t about having lunch together, weekly parties, or monthly outing with your colleagues. It is the ability to work together as a team. The main aim of having a good culture is to have happy and productive employees. Encourage an environment where employees feel free to put forth their thoughts. Keep your communication channels clear and open so that more transparency is achieved among the teams. Have a dedicated time or a channel for having general conversations. Text and video chat tools like Slack, Campfire, HipChat, Bitrix24 to have a similar experience virtually.

To build a remote culture is not an easy task. If the team is considerably big, in the brainstorming session there are high chances that it can turn in to chaos where everyone’s ideas are not noted properly and because of that one of the important or creative ideas can slip out. Be clear whether the employee has the spend number of hours being online or not. For any achievement by an employee or a team, an appreciating message on public channels regarding the same can motivate the employees in the longer run. Keeping your employees motivated should be your top priority in such scenarios.

Because of the remote work culture sometimes employee tends to have quite some time in his or her hand and that time can be used efficiently by offering them free access to courses which are related to their field and the employee is interested in. Building a remote culture could be a challenge… But hey who doesn’t like challenges. Make sure your team’s cohesive and face all challenges, together. Download this info-graph for the best 5 steps to build a remote culture.

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