5 Ways to Improve High Volume Recruiting Strategies

High volume recruiting is a challenge for most of us. Sometimes you may have so many applicants to choose from, or you may have to hire a great candidate within a short period of time. Looking for qualified candidates, going through hundreds of resumes, and making calls can be tiring, time-consuming, costly, and labor-intense. In this infographic, we give you a few tips to make your high volume recruiting strategy efficient and stress-free.

Employ PJA, Programmatic Job Advertising which can help you in expanding your reach in order to get a lot of eyes on your job advert. It also ensures that it reaches the right kind of eyes to guarantee you a set of high quality candidates. Use the right candidate selection platform. The right candidate selection platform is essential for high volume recruiting as it helps you to automate parts of the selection process and shortlist candidates in a short amount of time. You should never compromise on quality of hire. Your optimized recruitment process should consist of online assessments and the right interview questions which will help you spot the qualified candidates faster. The time to hire metric is one of the key metrics you should be keeping an eye on because it is a clear indicator of how well your hiring team is doing. Look out for hiring bias.

With these tips, you will be able to conduct a hassle-free high volume recruiting. You may use an applicant tracking system to manage the entire process. AviaHire is a promising recruiting platform that would help you in engaging talent, receive expert recruiting advice and tips, help to track applicants, and get information regarding the latest trends in the recruitment industry.

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Hanan Ashraf
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