8 Virtual Onboarding Best Practices for Candidate Success

How to onboard virtually and create a positive candidate experience.

How have socially distant workplaces changed onboarding? Read on to find out the 8 best Virtual Onboarding Practices for Candidate Success

Research has shown that successful onboarding brings new employees up to speed 50% faster— and at a time when hitting targets is mission-critical, effective onboarding can dramatically reduce failure rates and increase retention.

This new eBook 8 Virtual Onboarding Best Practices for Candidate Success enables teams to learn:

  • The best ways to engage and onboard new hires virtually
  • How to set up new roles for success past day one on the job
  • Ways to maintain productivity and drive business success

Don’t let remote work environments deter you from achieving your performance goals. Embrace a new playbook for success to improve your candidate experience before and after you hire. HR Managers face numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, but none more intense than recruitment and employee onboarding. For them, onboarding procedure has become a priority as it reduces turnover and improves employee engagement which helps them up to speed with seasoned hire much more quickly.

We are currently facing a unique challenge in the workplace due to COVID 19, so it is critical that we build robust virtual hiring and onboarding practices. So, the purpose of this E-book is to provide HR managers with tools they can use to adjust their onboarding process and manage their new hire while working remotely. You will find how HR professionals and Hiring managers can set up a virtual onboarding process to create a top-notch employee onboarding experience and shorten the learning curve for new hires.

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