A Newly Appointed HR’s Guide to Performance Review

Performance reviews are a vital part of performance management, as they allow each employee to receive feedback be it praise for outstanding contributions to the company, suggestions for areas for improvement, and development objectives for the year ahead. A well-conducted performance review can help motivate employees to thrive in their careers and help employers get better quality work from their team. An employee evaluation is also an opportunity of course correction, lay the workflow for a team’s advancement within the company, and create helpful documentation for HR. Download and read this infographic to find out a newly appointed HR’s guide to performance review.

It’s imperative that a newly appointed HR is bound to make subtle mistakes while performance review. In this era of automation, conducting performance reviews manually is a tedious task, and can be a stressful event for both managers and employees. A bad performance review can have serious consequences as it might not only hurt the employees but have an effect on their morale and turnover too. A bad review can range from awkward conversations to pointless feedbacks. A talent management system can prove to be the right solution for companies in this situation to avoid performance review mistakes.

An effective employee performance appraisal process can drive performance, reduce dissatisfaction, identify training opportunities, and boost company culture. Performance Reviews and Appraisals are typically conducted with a performance appraisal form. Similarly, a poorly executed performance appraisal process can lead to negative outcomes such as employee disengagement, office politics, and poor company culture. If handled professionally and thoughtfully, a performance review can be a win-win for everyone, leaving staff re-energized and clear about their career progression within your company. It also reassures you of knowing you have addressed areas of improvement for the company as well as the employees while inspiring staff to deliver their best effort for the year ahead.

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