A recruiter’s guide to post-pandemic recruiting

In the E-book, you will find the guide to how recruiting will look like post the pandemic, how should recruiters adapt their recruitment process, and what tools are needed to carry out the same. This E-book serves as a recruiter’s guide to post-pandemic recruiting and serves its purpose to the fullest. 

Presently, the world is facing a crisis on the 3 major fronts- Health, Economic, and Financial, that too on a huge scale. Stringent government measures have led to a rapid move to remote work for the majority of businesses across the globe. This means employers have to adapt quickly to survive as they become reliant on a remote workforce and the digital world. By now, everyone must have realized the fact that remote work has become the “new normal”. The departure from physical presence at offices has forced employers to change the way they manage, collaborate, and communicate with their staff.

Remote hiring and working have numerous benefits, reduced overhead costs and greater access to the global talent pool being notable ones. Let’s examine the benefits further. A very obvious opportunity of saving costs for companies is Reduced Overhead. When organizations are working and hiring remotely, geographical location does not play many roles between you and global talent. When it comes down to uncertain situations, such as a pandemic or recession, remote recruitment is the only option if you want to keep hiring. 

Invest in an Applicant Tracking System and get your entire team on board. The HR and recruitment processes of your organization must be mostly digital. An ATS can help companies handle application volumes seamlessly and automatically. Resume parsing helps to accurately shortlist qualified candidates.  Using recruiting software to screen candidates before proceeding with interviews is desirable. This way the right candidates go to the next stage and not much of the valuable time is wasted. Read this Ebook to understand the various aspect of a recruiter’s guide to post-pandemic recruiting.  

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Suchismita Panda