Applicant Tracking System

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?  

An Applicant Tracking System is a type of recruiting software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including posting jobs and receiving job applications. It helps streamline the process of hiring from beginning to end. It organizes information about job seekers. It helps in tracking candidates throughout the hiring process. It helps in scheduling, issuing notification alerts, and sending automated emails to candidates.  

Why is ATS important? 

Recruiting is a costly and very time-consuming process. With many resumes pouring in, it becomes hard to keep track of them. With many applications coming in, it also becomes difficult to find out the top talent among them. An ATS helps in streamlining the whole recruitment process.  

What are the benefits of using an ATS?  

  • Improves the entire recruitment process.  
  • Solves some of the most important pain points regarding hiring and talent acquisition.  
  • Allows one to post a position to major job boards with a few clicks.  
  • Enables you to appeal to the maximum number of qualified candidates.  
  • Allows one to customize your workflow.  
  • Presents candidate data in a way that makes comparisons fast and simple.  
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