AviaHire and iMocha Integration

iMocha, or as popularly known as Interview Mocha, is an online AI-powered assessment software for recruiters. Launched in February 2015, it has more than 600 clients, serving in 50+ cities and almost 11 custom made assessments. AviaHire, with its own applicant tracking system, decided to integrate iMocha assessment into their system using the API plugin. Now users can avail of both AviaHire assessment questions as well as avail iMocha tests online for their recruitment process. With the new AviaHire and iMocha integration, recruiters can avail both the options of building their own test or accessing a pre-built one. All they have to do is send the test from AviaHire and it’s done. No need to switch between portals. Now hire seamlessly without the need to worry about being an expert in the subject! Download and read to find out more on the new AviaHire and iMocha integration.

Recruiting has never been so much easier where companies can carry on almost all of the tasks like sourcing, screening, interviewing, providing offers, and onboarding using one single Applicant Tracking System. Serving as add-ons to these features include resume parsing, taking evaluation tests, video proctoring, posting jobs on multiple job boards, and preparing analytics reports. Digitization has led to numerous advancements in the hiring industry and made the work of recruiters simpler.

AviaHire is always eager to customize its services according to the requirements of our clients and is constantly bringing in new features and integrations to our system. So if you are a recruiter, looking forward to a quick hiring process with everything ready-made and customized for you, you know what’s the right place for you!

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