Behavioral Competencies

What are Behavioral Competencies?  

Behavioral competencies are any behaviors, attitudes, or personality traits that help predict how far the candidate will succeed at the job they are applying for. These include knowledge, skills, and actions that distinguish one from the entire talent pool.  

Why are Behavioral Competencies Important?  

They are important when screening and hiring new employees to the organization. Through such a method, one can ensure that the new hire can meet the goals of the team they will be a part of. Knowledge of behavioral competencies can also help employers determine what skills their employees need to develop.  

What are the different types of competencies?  

1. Behavioral Competencies 

These are soft skills that a candidate showcases in their actions and relationships with coworkers and clients. For example, communication, ability to focus and adaptability.  

2. Core Competencies 

These are competencies companies possess that give them an advantage over their competitors. Employers may prefer candidates who have such competencies like knowledge on specialized techniques or software.  

3. Functional Competencies 

These are job-specific and technical skills that can be factors for high performance. These skills will ensure the employee can offer quality results.  

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