Blended Workforce

What is a blended workforce?  

A blended workforce includes employees with different types of work arrangements. Such organizations include employees working for part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent, and seasonal contracts. This approach to staffing was driven by technology and the digital era.  

What are the benefits for employers?  

  • Enables quick scaling up or downsizing the workforce.  
  • Enables flexibility in responding to work demands.  
  • Access to a skilled workforce.  
  • Saves money by not having to offer benefits to all employees.  
  • Attracts a diverse range of candidates.  
  • Improves employee engagement and performance 

What are the benefits for employees?  

  • A flexible working schedule 
  • Provides independence in choice of employer and type of work 
  • Provides diverse working conditions and relationships.  
  • Helps maintain healthy work-life balance. 
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