Collaborative hiring: all you need to know

What is Collaborative Hiring? It is the efforts made by the members of a team, together with the Human Resource Manager, in order to fill a vacancy in their organization. Using collaborative hiring in the organization increases the level of employee participation manifolds. In the E-book, you will find the benefits of adopting a collaborative approach to hiring, including the steps to hire successfully as a team and the required tools and resources for achieving a collaborative hiring model. This E-book tells you about Collaborative Hiring: All you need to know. 

Over the past few years, organizations are increasingly shifting towards collaborative hiring, from the traditional Top-Down Hiring process where the final decision was taken by the manager. Collaborative hiring strategies and tools can be different from company to company, mostly because of the varying dynamics of teams in these organizations. In companies with a collaborative hiring model, recruiting becomes a team-work. In such a collaborative recruitment model, the recruiter is usually the coordinator. While they conduct most of the interviews and source talent, the team members help with CV screening, evaluations, etc. This means that recruitment becomes a team responsibility rather than solely the recruiter’s responsibility, reducing levels of stress among recruiters. 

Collaborative hiring allows more team members to meet your candidate. This is a great opportunity for them to share their experiences of working at your company. This can help candidates manage their own expectations. With the right talent acquisition platform or ATS, anyone involved in the process will have oversight into your talent pipelines. This can help your business understand challenges in your recruitment process and encourage them to pitch in when it comes to troubleshooting. Having your entire team more involved in such a business-critical activity as hiring the right people can make them feel valued and engaged. These feelings in your team are directly tied to higher employee retention levels. Read on to find out more about collaborative hiring: everything you need to know!

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