CRM VS ATS: What’s the difference?

Applicant Tracking System(ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) are tools that help recruiters massively. They help them in sourcing, attracting, and hiring the best of talents out there. But what’s the difference between ATS and CRM? In this infographic, we have listed them down briefly.

CRM is used for managing and maintaining long-term relationships with people who are in the pre-applicant stages of their candidate journey. ATS, on the other hand, offers features like maintaining a talent pool, automatically posting job ads on multiple job boards, scheduling interviews with the candidates, shortlisting candidates, and managing their onboarding process. CRM is used in the pre-formal hiring process while ATS is used in the formal hiring process. CRM is majorly used by sourcing recruiters. ATS is mostly used by full cycle recruiters & companies for an end-to-end recruitment process. CRM is designed to find and engage passive candidates. ATS is designed to tailor and automate the complete recruitment process. To know more differences, read our infographic. 

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