Employee Orientation

What is Employee Orientation?

It is the process of introducing newly hired employees to their jobs, co-workers, responsibilities, and workplace. It allows them the chance to feel comfortable within their new teams, departments, and roles within the company. An effective employee orientation answers any questions or concerns a new colleague may have, makes them aware of company policies and expectations, and eases them comfortably into their new positions.  

What Is the Purpose of New Employee Orientation?  

A smooth transition into a new role, benefits both new employees and their new managers and colleagues. By clearly communicating expectations and responsibilities to new employees, they can start being productive quickly.  

The purpose is to welcome new employees to the organization, communicate important policy and cultural information, and introduce employees to their new place of work.  

A set schedule and procedure for it will also take the strain off of managers and training personnel, allowing them to remain productive in their day-to-day work while still getting a new employee started.  

What Is an Employee Orientation Checklist?  

An employee orientation checklist describes a formalized orientation process to make sure each new employee receives an adequate introduction to the company, meets the right people, and has the correct tools to work efficiently. 

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